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Eimear McKeever

Eimear is an Accelerate Coaching Manager at The Entourage and has spent over 12 years working in high-growth businesses, particularly with senior leadership teams to identify and project-manage the rollout of new products, tech stacks and operational improvements. Eimear has been directly responsible for developing new products and managing customer experience; everything from recruiting, training, and coaching agile sales teams as well as implementing structured operational processes. Before joining The Entourage Eimear used those skills to establish and grow a startup media sales operation, growing it from 3 to 20 staff and generating over 7 figures within 18 months! With a wealth of multi-industry experience, Eimear’s particular talent as a Coach is discovering what lies at the heart of your business and enabling you to develop the key pillars that will accelerate growth and ensure your long term success.

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