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The Entourage business coaches

Much like the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, we believe that no entrepreneur should build their business alone. There’s a real power that comes from working alongside a network of like-minded individuals who understand the journey that you’re on and can act as accountability partners and coaches to help see your goals through.

When you join The Entourage, you get access to more than 30 of Australia’s leading experts, advisors and coaches, who all specialise in different areas of business. Our collective of real-world business owners turned coaches and proven experts are available to help you solve your daily challenges and lead you on your path to entrepreneurial success!

Principal advisors

With a combined passion for all things entrepreneurship and business success, the Executive Team at The Entourage are the business coaches and advisors you’ve always dreamed of working with.

With extensive experience as entrepreneurs themselves, and having worked closely with over 3,500 businesses across 150+ industries for more than 10 years, our team of leaders are very closely involved in paving the success for you and your business.


Jack Delosa

Jack is the Founder of Australia's largest training institution for entrepreneurs, The Entourage. 

In addition to this, Jack is also a 2X best-selling author, 5X AFR Young Rich List member, high-profile speaker and investor.

He is regularly called upon by the media as a spokesperson for entrepreneurship and education, has contributed to The Australian Financial Review, The Morning Show and Sky Business, as well as Channel 7, The Nine Network and 10 News. He also regularly features in publications such as GQ, Men's Health, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Daily Telegraph, CEO Magazine and


Stuart Cook

Stuart is the former CEO of Zambrero. During his time there, he increased revenue from $1.1 million to over $75 million in sales and expanded the business into 3 countries.

Stuart’s first investment was in 2011 with The Entourage, which has grown to become Australia’s largest entrepreneurship education company. He has been named Young CEO of the Year, and Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum.

Since 2015, Stuart has been an investor, advisor and mentor to numerous startups, charities and businesses. Stuart consistently seeks investments that will make a positive difference in the world.


Tim Morris

Tim is a lifelong entrepreneur and the person responsible for the impressive growth and systemisation of The Entourage.

Prior to joining The Entourage, Tim had a long and diverse entrepreneurial journey starting, growing and managing a range of businesses, including 5 of his own, and one of the world’s largest and most disruptive startups.

As an entrepreneur, he knows all too well what it means to get trapped in the day-to-day running of a business.

At The Entourage, he’s helped the company grow from startup to scale stage by developing and enabling high-growth business systems, as well as a world-class team and culture.



Laura Holderness

Having worked with several notable household brands including Google, Facebook, Nike, Coca Cola and Westpac to name a few, Laura brings with her over 16 years of deep commercial experience in Education, Product, People and Events Management.

Laura has worked in a mix of fast paced, competitive environments internationally across corporate, mid-size and small businesses, and has an intrinsic understanding of the mechanics of operating highly efficient and profitable teams. Her knowledge and results are second to none, armed with both a passion for education and the experience and skill to help business owners make great commercial decisions.


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Andrew Morello

Andrew is an awarded entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and the winner of the first Australian Apprentice. 

Prior to joining The Entourage, Andrew spent 10 years alongside Mark Bouris AM building out the Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management branch network nationally.

Morello is an active member of Australia’s entrepreneurial and real estate communities, an engaging and charismatic speaker, and passionate about sharing his successes with other entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to help them reach their full potential and not waste their precious life.

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Elevate Business Coaches

Since its inception, Elevate has transformed the lives of 7 and 8-figure business owners, while building an impressive community of high performing successful entrepreneurs from across the globe. 

Throughout your Elevate journey, you’ll be guided by some of Australia’s best business coaches who will be there with you every step of the way to help you create a future for your business beyond what you ever thought could exist.


Scotty Hayden

Scotty has spent years working in high-growth businesses. Having devoted the last decade to leading high-pressure sales functions across a variety of industries, Scotty has expertise in identifying the optimal sales techniques and KPIs for any business.

Most recently Scotty exceeded strategic objectives - doubling annual revenues and productivity for an established multimillion-dollar SME in just 18 months, attributing his success to a sharp eye for numbers and his personal brand of “growth-focus” coaching and leadership.

Scotty not only excels in developing Sales Teams, Leadership Tiers, and World-Class Operational Processes, he has a passion for all things People & Culture - demonstrating the rare ability to create inclusive workplace cultures that build highly engaged, non-toxic, results-driven teams with effective incentive, reward and recognition schemes.

Overall Scotty is an incredible addition to our advisors - he can’t wait to get stuck into maximising your growth in a modern, millennial and sustainable way.

Romeo Devlin

Romeo brings 15+ years of sales, marketing and management experience. Most recently he held a leadership position in a family enterprise that scaled into a national company in less than 10 years.

Having been part of rapid growth, he’s familiar with change management and implementing new systems while driving growth.

Romeo is passionate about enabling entrepreneurs to have the structure, support and accountability they need to grow themselves and their businesses - along with a creative sounding block to keep brand, core values and individual integrity along the way.

He's scaled a business from $2m-$20m in 5 years and worked with all levels of consumers through to C-Class and govt.

Having coached and advised over 150 entrepreneurs & business owners to grow their businesses with his 10+ years of experience in sales, marketing and management experience, Romeo brings a balance of creative thinking, structure & accountability to personalise member solutions.


Tom Hitchcock

Trusted by Mark Bouris as one of his inaugural mentors, Tom brings a wealth of business knowledge that is second to none. Tom is a business owner and senior leader with over 15 years experience delivering complex, high profile, business and people strategy and solutions.

A self proclaimed hands-on, hunter and strategic leader, Tom has worked across Hospitality, Education, Recruitment and Government. Tom has run, owned and developed several businesses including 5 Call Centers, Recruitment Consultancies and Hospitality Venues. As well as successfully scaling, managing and exiting 7-8 figure businesses, Tom is an effective driver of diverse teams and a cultivator of a high-performance culture.

Tom also coined the term 'Omni-recruitment' and believes in discovering everyone's USP. He boasts a record-breaking billing history and has a proven track record of success in creating and implementing plans to achieve revenue, position and growth goals through people.


Andressa Beigert

Andressa brings to The Entourage over 14 years of experience in business, from growing her own fashion and retail business to operating as Managing Director for a global retailer. Andressa is an expert when it comes to all things product, customer, marketing, operations and people.

As a highly sought after mix of Visionary and Integrator, she brings a wealth of international experience. Andressa started in business at the age of 16, managing a family business, before working as a Managing Director of an international franchise for 6 years. Here, she managed over 100 staff and increased revenue by 150% in 2 years.

Andressa has a graduate degree in Business from Brazil, a Business Certificate and Diploma from Australia. and is also the current Founder of an international e-commerce business trading since 2019.

Leveraging her extensive experience, Andressa is a focused and results-driven business coach that is passionate about helping you achieve the results you need.

Accelerate Success Coaches

Accelerate for 6-figure business owners who are ready to drive serious growth in their businesses under the guidance of some of Australia’s best success coaches.

Over the last ten years, the Accelerate program has transformed the lives of thousands of business owners across more than 150+ industries. With our team of A-league success coaches there to support you along the way, the business of your dreams will become a reality sooner than you imagined.


Victoria Wimsett

Victoria brings to the Accelerate coaching team over 10 years of sales, marketing and customer relations experience. A keen entrepreneur herself, Victoria successfully launched a digital marketing and social media agency specialising in content creation and partnerships.

Victoria is also the queen of fashion, marketing, media and luxury brands. Having worked with brands such as Ferrari Maserati, QMS Media and Tiffany and Co. she has an amazing understanding of how to expertly deliver high level customer experiences that compliment marketing campaigns and sales strategies.

She is a natural leader that brings extensive knowledge and a verifiable track record of successfully developing and implementing marketing plans and sales strategies that drive growth, deliver strong ROI and nurture customer experiences and loyalty - making you more money!


Eimear McKeever

Eimear has spent over 12 years working in high-growth businesses, particularly with senior leadership teams to identify and project-manage the rollout of new products, tech stacks and operational improvements.

Eimear has been directly responsible for developing new products and managing customer experience; everything from recruiting, training, and coaching agile sales teams as well as implementing structured operational processes.

Before joining The Entourage Eimear used those skills to establish and grow a startup media sales operation, growing it from 3 to 20 staff and generating over 7 figures within 18 months! With a wealth of multi-industry experience, Eimear has a diverse skill set and is a creative problem solver.

Eimear’s particular talent as a Coach, is discovering what lies at the heart of your business and enabling you to develop the key pillars that will accelerate growth and ensure your long term success.


Jesse Ravenscroft

Jesse brings 8+ years of experience across roles in education and business development. Most recently working for Salesforce, he has strong skills in holistically diagnosing business gaps with the view to automate processes and scale.

Jesse's passion is thinking outside the box to creatively solve business challenges. 

With a sharp eye for the corporate landscape, Jesse’s experience in education has seen him work with individuals in all roles and different backgrounds, to not only grow as individuals, but champion them personally in order to reach their goals.

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