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From 800k in revenue to over $4M in just one year

After joining The Entourage, Naomi's food business grew from 800k in revenue to over $4M in just one year. She raised $350k in 3rd party capital to finance a new manufacturing facility to keep up with the rapidly growing demand.

Naomi Ingleton | Owner of King Valley Dairy

From $1 million annual revenue to over $16 million in 3 years

"When I enrolled in The Entourage in 2015, we only had 15 team members working in one office, and brought in $1.2 million in revenue. Though I was happy with how we were, I couldn’t deny that there was a great hunger for success.

Since then we have nurtured our culture and created systems to adapt to the ever-changing-trend of real estate in Melbourne. We’ve now grown to a team of 100+, have 7 offices, and generated $16 million revenue in 2018."

Sunil Kumar| Director & CEO of Reliance Real Estate

Projected $2 million turn-over in 2019

"We now sit at 17 staff, 100 active clients, over 500 projects completed across the globe working in many different countries (AU, NZ, PH, FR, HK, IN, PK, UG), 320 Unlimited IT Supported Users with over 7,000 jobs completed.

Our 2018 turnover was $1m and is on the steady increase to a 2019 turnover of $2m!"

Lucas Meadowcroft | Fouder & CEO of CROFTI

Debuted on the AFR Young Rich List with a $32M net worth

When Jane first joined The Entourage she had a huge passion for fashion, but was stuck with three physical retail shops that were eating her growth.

With expert guidance, she quickly pivoted her focus to an online strategy, which rapidly boosted monthly sales to over $250k. She's since turned Showpo into an iconic brand and debuted on the Financial Review Young Rich List with a $32M net worth.

Jane Lu | Founder of Showpo

From $1 million per year to $1 million per month

"I joined The Entourage with 3 staff and $1M in annual revenue. Within only 9 months of working with Jack Delosa, I've grown my consulting business into a team of13 and over $1M in revenue per month!

I'm now restructuring my business and preparing it for the second wave of growth... I'm expecting to 10X revenue in the next 2 years."

Frances Quinn | Founder of Athena Consulting

Doubled monthly revenue in only 3 months

"I was worried it would be like many other courses that I had done that cost a lot of money and was quite light on content and substance, or if they were going to be able to teach me anything that I couldn't read up or research myself.

However, we doubled our monthly revenue within 3 months of joining the Membership! And have maintained and grown ever since. We are still growing and have a much clear path of how we are going to get where we want to."

Andre Cheah & Claire McPherson Cheah | Co-Founders of CPM Online Marketing

Increased revenue by 500%, and doesn't even need to check emails

"Within the first year we multiplied our revenue by 5, to just under half a million annual turnover. Since then I have been able to dilute my involvement to the extent where I don't even need to check emails, this has been done largely by getting crystal clear on why we do what we do, recruiting in alignment with that and referring on customers who aren't the right fit."

Nick Peardon | Founder of Treeincarnation

  • Took Jack’s advice and structured and systemised the business over the last 3 months. Now I'm no longer required for the day-to-day operations to run smoothly. My team keep kicking me out when I get involved... But hey, that was the plan!  
    Lucas Meadowcroft
    Founder of Crofti IT Solutions
  • After joining The Entourage our revenue doubled in just 12 months and we now have a strategy in place for scaling the business over the next 12 months.
    Russell Ross
    Founder of The Social Collective
  • Since joining The Entourage we’ve had over 300% increase in revenue, established several significant partnerships and expanded our business internationally.
    Jo Schneider
    Founder of DVA Business Solutions
  • In the last 18 months we’ve gone from $0 to $1.4 million in sales and have been able to secure partnerships with some of the biggest brands in our industry.
    Mark Atkinson
    Founder of Elevator Removal Specialists

Increased monthly revenue by 150%

"Last month we posted $150,000, which is our best month by nearly $50,000. And for the five-month quarter we billed half a million dollars. Compare that with the first half of the year where we only did $400,000, for example. So in more time we did less, and in the last five months we've billed a half million dollars."

Erin Evans & Danny Normington | Founders of Firesoft Consulting

Grew from 4 staff to a team of 19

"When Cupcake Central first started we only had 4 staff and in the past 12 months we have grown to 19 staff. Thanks to the Entourage our projected growth for this year has also increased to $2 million.

After 2 months of running Cupcake Central’s first store we had reached a roadblock where we didn’t feel like we were growing the business and we were just working in it day by day, 15 hours a day and we were really looking for something that would guide us and help us grow."

Sheryl Thai | Founder of Cupcake Central


200% increase in revenue, 300% increase in client base

"Over the last 12 months we have achieved a 200% increase in revenue and increased our client base by 300%. I thoroughly recommend The Entourage to any entrepreneur, professional or business people who want to get ahead, want to be surrounded by people who have the same ambitious goals and want to take their business to the next level."

Pete Moriarty | Founder of itGenius

Picked up 17 new clients in a wholesale setting

"When I started with The Entourage we had an online store and were doing around $200,000 a year. After 2 or 3 months with The Entourage I won business awards, and I picked up 17 new clients in a wholesale setting! We’re 3 or 4 years on now and I have a team of 8 people."

Angelica Nohra | Co-Founder of Direct Wine Cellars


  • Since joining The Entourage our membership base has increased by over 600 members and we have doubled the size of our tennis program. We have also increased our point of sale referral by over 1000%.
    Ben Cooper
    Owner of Club Coops
  • The Entourage has allowed me to strip back to the basics and focus on my team’s growth and development within my business. It has seen us grow my business by over 100% in profit this year without focusing on dollars and cents.
    Waz Millar
    Owner of Anytime Fitness Millar Group
  • The biggest asset for me in The Entourage is that we've still got a strong community group, even after finishing the program! Those people are there every day, every week. I'm continually posting in our Facebook community asking for advice.
    Billy Cooper
    Founder of Cuparius Liquor Distributors

Billing $5 million annually in agency revenue

“I think the biggest thing for me has been having a community of people that are in the same boat as me and experiencing the same challenges. It has been so wonderful to share and collaborate with like minded entrepreneurs that are on a similar journey. In the last 5 months I have doubled the business. In our second year in business, I am proud to say we are billing $5 million in agency revenue.”

Aleisha McCall | Founder of Ultimate Edge Communications

Doubled clientele in the last 6 months

"The Entourage has impacted my business in an amazing way. Since joining we've restructured to become a lot more profitable, we have more concise structures in the way that we do our business, we're profiting, we've doubled our clientele.

Overall I've just been inspired completely, I know where I want to go, I know where I want to head and I understand the vision of where I want to take my business in the next couple of years."

Cassandra Hili | Director of Millennium Communications

Increased sales conversion rate from 35% to 80%

"When I started it was just me, and now 2 and a half years later we've got a team of 12 and are growing exponentially. In fact, we've quadrupled revenue which is an amazing feeling!

More importantly, a lot of the systems and frameworks The Entourage has given me has enabled me to improve things. Like my sales conversion rate which has gone from 35% to 80%."

Scott Gellatly | Founder of Bollo Empire & TrackZen

40% revenue growth, 700% profit increase

"So when we were looking to join The Entourage there were obviously questions and things that we needed to think about. For example, is this money going to be better spent somewhere else?Should we be putting this into a marketing campaign or a new piece of equipment for the kitchen?

But at the end of the day we realised that a company can't outgrow it's founder so we needed to invest in us."

Abbey Cameron | Co-Founder of Caveman Kitchen

Closed a $5 million deal

"My business was able to surface the million dollar revenue mark for the first time due to The Entourage and we stayed above and kept growing thanks to their support. I recently even closed a $5 million dollar deal!

I am grateful for all the training I received since 2011 and the love and friendship from The Entourage to date, especially when I became a paraplegic in 2014."

Jey Srikantha | CEO of Jeylabs

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Jane Lu
Founder of Showpo

- AFR Young Rich List 2017 -
- BRW Fast Starter 2014 -

Lorraine Murphy
Founder of The Remarkables Group

- BRW Fast Starter 2015 -
- Australian Business Awards 2014 Finalist -

Julie Stevanja
Founder of Stylerunner

  • - Deloitte Fast 50 'Rising Stars' List -
    - BRW Fast Starters 2015 -

David & Ross Fastuca
Co-Founders of Locomote

  • - BRW Fast Starter 2014 -

Steven Deveraux-Stanford
Founder of Ivory Coat Companion Goods

  • - BRW Fast Starter 2016 -

Anthony Simon
Founder of Approval Buddy

  • - Gold Coast Startup of the Year 2016 -

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"Getting PR through the Courier Mail and also Anthill so far is probably something I wouldn’t have got if I hadn’t joined The Entourage. It’s grown our business in the last two months two-fold.

The PR also helped us get in front of Gumtree, who after seeing us in the media reached out to me to see if we could incorporate our sales platform into their site. We’ve just signed a contract with them. The is huge ofr us, given Gumtree is the biggest online second-hand car seller in Australia!”

Anthony Simon | Founder of Approval Buddy 

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