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Increased his revenue by 4X






Team Growth

Years with The Entourage


A Family Legacy

Air Adventure Australia was founded in 1977 by Rod Dyer who ran air safaris across Australia. It remains a family business to this day, with Rods’ son John continuing the family legacy.

John Joins Accelerate

Realising it’s time to take the business to the next level, John joined The Entourage’s Accelerate program, for business owners who are ready to accelerate the growth of their business well into the 7 figure mark.

It's Time To Elevate

After leaning into the coaching, workshops and community, John  scaled the business to 7-figures and joined Elevate - The Entourage’s elite business coaching and advisory program for 7-figure business owners who want to scale to 8.

Increased Their Revenue By $1 Million

All the hard work has paid off for John and the Air Adventures team - less than 12 months after joining Elevate, they’ve profitably increased the revenue of the business by $1 million.

The Journey To Unlocking A Business' Potential

What do you do when your business is ticking along just fine, but you know that what got you to where you are isn’t going to get you where you need to be?

John Dyer, Managing Director at Air Adventure Australia, knew that something needed to change to take him off auto-pilot and take his business to the next level. Air Adventure provides luxury outback tours by aircraft and their vision is to transform the way people experience remote Australia.

Before joining The Entourage, the business wasn’t marketed and their services weren’t sold strategically. They relied heavily on word of mouth referrals and lacked a sales process - which wasn’t setting them up for sustainable growth. 

We knew that we had a great product and we knew we had a lot of happy customers but it was stressful because we didn't really know where our next sale was coming from. Our marketing was, spray and pray, it was not, systemised...we we really were flying blind

Ready To Elevate The Business To New Heights

John knew that he needed to learn from experts in business, those who were further down the path he was on and had a roadmap to share, to take his business to new heights. He found the community of experts, support and guidance he needed in Elevate, The Entourage’s elite business coaching and advisory program for 7-figure business owners who want to scale to 8.

He worked hand-in-hand with his Business Coach, attended workshops, and connected with the community to put in place a robust marketing and sales strategy, and also define the business’ Vision, Mission and Values so he could align his team to a single North Star. And, not after too long, the results started to pay off - big time.

All The Hard Work Pays Off

Less than a year after John joined Elevate, he profitably increased the revenue of his business by $1,000,000. Remarkably, he also doubled the size of his team (which meant he personally had to spend less time in the business),  and achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 83.

Importantly, he also established new marketing and sales processes to accelerate sustainable growth, and gained the confidence and clarity he needed to lead his team. Not only has John been able to 4X his revenue since joining, he's also more profitable than ever.

Customers are happier than they've ever been as well and that's largely due to a lot of the methodologies that we have implemented throughout the business from marketing through to operations.

John now have the strategies and structures in place that have helped him generate sustainable growth in the business, but also the tools and mechanisms that have helped him improve his leadership on a personal level too. He’s off autopilot, and in the driver’s seat, always ready to continue taking the business to new heights.

I'd recommend the Entourage to any business owner that's feeling stuck, feeling limited by their own knowledge gaps in order to unlock the next growth phase of their business. You need to invest in yourself if you want to be able to achieve the dream that you have of scaling your business to the next level


Our members don’t achieve isolated and temporary results. And neither will you. Let's work together to help you build the business you've always wanted.

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