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How to achieve financial freedom as a business owner

Written by Jack Delosa
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Would you agree that entrepreneurs have a complicated relationship with money?

True entrepreneurs are driven by their vision rather than purely by a desire to obtain luxury cars or dream houses. But without a focus on the money, the impact they can make on the world can only go so far.

Many are stuck in the mindset that focusing on making money is greedy, selfish, or bad. While money shouldn't be your driver or motivator behind your business, you need to have that focus on it. It's the fuel that will help make your vision a reality and sustain it for future success.

In fact, if you've been running your business up until now, not placing emphasis on the financial performance or the profitability of your business, then you would have been lucky in order for the business to be producing profits and making you financially successful.

Unless you've dedicated the energy, focus, thought, strategies and tactics for the financial performance of the business, good financial performance in your business just doesn't happen. Even if you're working in your business, doing 70 or 80 or 90 hours a week, it won't grow. If you're a sole operator or even if you're growing, it's just going to require more from you if you don't focus on your financials.

So, what are the steps to rewiring your relationship with money?

Do you value money?

Most of this is a values challenge, not a business one. That means the Founder has yet to value money. They are yet to value their own wealth and financial well-being.

This is often through no fault of their own but is something that has been slowly ingrained in our unconscious through the beliefs and stories that have been imprinted onto us by society, family, friends, news, anything that we've had exposure to.

Whether it's phrases like "Money doesn't grow on trees" or characters on TV shows who are made out to be rich but evil, these unconscious beliefs and values are what's holding you back from developing a healthy and strong relationship with money right now.

I've listed out the 4 steps to resetting your limiting beliefs and becoming an elevated entrepreneur in a previous blog. These 4 steps are what will help you get your journey started in realigning your values with that of a conscious wealth creator.

Creating financial freedom

Once you have reset your focus and emphasis back on money, your finances, and wealth creation in your business and life, there are 3 layers to creating financial freedom as an entrepreneur that you can follow.

  1. Self-employment — where you exchange your time for money
  2. Business operator & entrepreneur — where you exchange less time for more money
  3. Investor — where you exchange money for more money

If you want to truly start creating more wealth in your life, you need to start elevating yourself up each layer. A paradigm of the poor is "I will save money". A paradigm of the rich is "I will use my money to make more money".

Change your mindset
How do you do this?

It goes back to looking inside and doing that inner work.

  • The thoughts you think
  • Impact the words you say
  • As well as the actions that you end up doing

Negative thoughts about money, wealth, business, success will limit what you do, the actions you will take, and the results you will get.

Positive thoughts about money, wealth, business, success will enhance and multiply what you do, the actions you will take, and the results you will get.

Going back to the 3 layers of financial freedom and how you can master each stage:

  1. Self — master yourself by mastering your mindset and your inner game
  2. Business — master business by thinking of it as building an asset for wealth creation to fulfill your vision
  3. Investor — master investing by focusing on getting your money to start working for you

Remember, this is not a game of resources. It's a game of resourcefulness. You're never just limited to the current resources you have. Go out and find the resources you need to make your vision a reality.

What it takes to create a multi-million dollar business

Wealth creation is definitely an inner game. But it is also an outer game. I can confidently say that no-one has ever had a bag of money fall on their head while they were meditating.

Wealth creation is an inner game
All of what I've talked about is one half of it where you are working on resolving the inner conflicts.

The other half is all the other things we teach at The Entourage — how do you build a business that's scalable, that can grow quicker, that becomes less reliant on you so it's easier as you continue to grow. It's about how to master the six key pillars that every multi-million dollar business has mastered — Marketing, Sales, Finance, People & Leadership, Product, and Operations.

I teach ALL of this to our 6, 7 and 8-figure members at The Entourage, Australia's leading trainer and community for entrepreneurs and business owners. Everything from business strategy to personal development and growth teachings is derived from the strategies, principles, values and tactics of billionaires, the world's leading experts, and top thought leaders in every field.

But I emphasise that without personal growth, there is no business growth. Without breaking through your limiting beliefs, your business's financial position will not grow. And often, some of our most successful members, ones that moved from million-dollar years to million-dollar months, will even say that their biggest breakthroughs with us at The Entourage were when we had discussions and teachings about the personal development side. Because that is the key to unlocking your full potential, and the business strategy side will be the steps to getting there after the door is open.

Become an elevated entrepreneur with me

I want to give you this opportunity to join me in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take all of these steps with me LIVE in an exclusive 2-day immersive digital experience — The Elevated Entrepreneur Experience.

I'll help you not only realign your values and help you reset your vision, I'll take you through a roadmap that will allow you to become the conscious wealth creator you were always meant to be. Fusing the latest technologies in personal development, cutting edge research in neuroscience, understanding of consciousness and mediation, with the fundamentals to entrepreneurship and business, this event WILL enable you to level up and elevate every area single of your life.

I have never done this in a public-facing forum before but with the shifts that have happened in the past 18 months, this is more essential than ever for every single entrepreneur and business owner.

You can be a wealth creator and successful business owner while choosing to enjoy happiness along the way. And you can create a life that is fulfilling, in every sense of the word.

Secure your seat with me at The Elevated Entrepreneur Experience today if you want to start your journey to becoming a conscious wealth creator.



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