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#1 Product Training & Coaching

Discover a framework to develop and refine a world-class product or service that your customers truly want and need.

  • The Entourage has coached 3500+ businesses across more than 150 industries
  • Business coaching & training that has generated $2 billion in revenue
  • Global community of 500,000+ entrepreneurs & business owners

Why you might need product training for your business

Have you found the gap in your market, or the market in a gap? You might have a fine-tuned and high-powered marketing and sales engine, and an unrivalled passion for what you do, but without a product or service people genuinely want or need, your business will struggle to grow. Continually refining and creating products and services that meet the growing (and changing) needs of your consumers is essential for the long-term growth of your business. Have you properly considered these core principles of product or service development and delivery?

Product Mix



How well does your current product or service offering meet the needs of, and satisfy, your customers? Do you use feedback to improve your offering? Is this something you even measure? These are all considerations our coaching and training at The Entourage help you focus on so that you can develop a world-class offering.

Does your product or service have a development roadmap? Trend forecasting, industry benchmarking and ongoing research and development will help you get crystal clear on the developments you need to make to further refine what you go to market with. Let our entourage of experts and coaches develop your product understanding.

As your business grows, your reputation is what will you apart from the crowd. So an exceptional customer experience and service is vital in all businesses, across every industry. What are you doing to ensure your customers keep coming back to you, time and time again? Without product training, it may be difficult to understand how to best stand out.

Here's how The Entourage's product training can help

150+ hours of online training

The Entourage’s On Demand platform is our online learning platform providing a curated catalogue of learning material for all our Members. Here you’ll access short-courses, workshop recordings and other marketing training, plus additional tools, templates and frameworks as recommended by your Coach to help you learn anywhere, at any time, and based on your specific stage and challenges.


Access to 32+ expert and specialists

One person cannot know everything there is to know about business. You need a team of advisors in every field and sub-field, ready to answer your questions. Our Expert Partners are practitioners with deep speciality in their field. From customer experience and service, to product-to-market fit and more, they'll help you navigate your marketing and business challenges.

A global community of business owners

Don't just create success, but enjoy it every step of the way with an entourage of people who genuinely care about you and your business' growth. Join a worldwide community of 550,000+ successful entrepreneurs, business operators and entrepreneurial-minded individuals who are all here to learn from the best, and become the best.


Here's how The Entourage can help you today

We have a suite of business coaching, training programs and resources for business owners at every stage.

The Entourage's product training and coaching have helped transform over 40,000 businesses and guide just as many business owners to build the business of their dreams. With thousands of businesses who’ve benefited from our product training and coaching, their success is why we are here. Want to get a taste of how we at The Entourage could help a business just like yours make your mark on the world too? Access our range of product training and resources available to you today.


Short Courses





Discover your best next steps for building the business you’ve always wanted with a 30-minute free call.

  • Gain full clarity on the core growth opportunities and most pressing challenges facing you and your business.

  • Connect with Australia’s leading business coaching and training provider for 6, 7, and 8-figure founders.
  • Walk away with a roadmap to elevate your business to the next level.


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