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Developing your understanding of the financial performance of your business is critical to its success and survival.

As your business grows, so are the ways in which you manage the finances

Financial visibility is the crucial ingredient for a business’ and entrepreneur’s success. As with all planning, financial planning significantly increases the likelihood of you achieving your financial goals, and can also help you mobilise and allocate resources appropriately. You'll need to understand these core financial drivers in your business to ensure you have cash to do what you want (and need).




The first rule of finance is that it should always be done in collaboration with people who can do it far better than you. So, who's managing the finances of your business? If you're the

What kind of financial projections do you have in your business? Do they empower you and hold you accountable to your numbers, or do they leave you confused?

You might be growing, but are you growing profitably? In business, profit is king. So you will need to know how you are generating profit, and develop a path to make even more of it.

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150+ hours of online training

Entourage On Demand is our online learning platform, with a curated catalogue of learning material for all our Members. Here you’ll access short-courses, workshop recordings and other finance trainings, plus additional tools, templates and frameworks - there’s so much for you to discover. Learn anywhere, at any time, and at your own pace.


Access to 32+ expert and specialists

One person cannot know everything there is to know about business. You need a team of advisors in every field and sub-field, ready to answer your questions. Our Expert Partners are practitioners with deep speciality in their field. From projections to book-keeping, forecasting and more, they'll help you navigate your marketing and business challenges.

A global community of business owners

Don't just create success, but enjoy it every step of the way with an entourage of people who genuinely care about you and your business' growth. Join a worldwide community of 500,000+ successful entrepreneurs, business operators and entrepreneurial-minded individuals who are all here to learn from the best, and become the best.


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Get your complimentary 20 minute discovery session with an Entrepreneurial Development Manager.

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