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What To Expect From A Business Coach?

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Is your business growing around you, and you’re a little unsure how to make it grow sustainably? Or are you feeling stuck and unsure how to break through the growth ceiling in your business? If you have made the choice to seek a business coach or are on the cusp of hiring a business coach, have you ever thought - what exactly do business coaches do and what should you expect from a good coach?

You’re asking the right questions, and I am here to answer them for you.

Why should you listen to me?

My name is Eimear McKeever and I'm the Business Coaching Manager of the Accelerate Program team at The Entourage. I have over 12 years of experience working in high-growth industries where I was instrumental in rolling out new tech products to the world. I began a media sales company which I grew from 3 staff and a small turnover, into a 7-figure business employing over 20 staff. I did this all within 18 months, and it is still going strong.

As the Accelerate Coaching Manager, I manage a team of fantastic business coaches who can help you take your business into the realm of 7 figures a year, or even 8 figures a year. I know exactly what a good business coach should do, and I’m going to share what I know with you so you can make sure you’re making the right choice for your business.

What do business coaches do?

To help you understand what a business coach can do for you, let’s start with another kind of coach - a basketball coach.

A basketball coach has years of experience, as a player first, then as a coach. They want to pass their expertise down to the next generation of basketball players, those people who have the passion and drive to go out on the court and try to win, to give it everything.

The coach will tell you what they want you to do, but it is the players' responsibility to take action. If the coach asks for a backdoor screen and a roll to the basket, and you fail to execute that play, whose fault is that for the lack of success?

And sometimes, despite your best efforts, you don’t always win. That’s okay. The coach helps you learn from your mistakes, and switches up the gameplay so that next time, with that knowledge, you’ll do better.

A business coach is similar. They have had experience in the world of business, so you can believe them when they coach you, since they have not only lived that experience, but often have studied thoroughly into how the greats of the world have run successful businesses.

They will sit with you, go through plans with you, and discuss strategies to up your business game- marketing, sales, and cash flow. However, it is up to you to execute those plans. You have this person to coach you, not run your business. So if you take their advice but don’t execute, then your business will not grow.

But if you do execute the strategies, and it doesn't fully work, the coach will sit with you and figure out what worked, what didn't, and why. Then they’ll adjust the plan, get you to try something else, so you do find victory. Often, this is through accessing the vast resources and expertise they have networks to and sharing that with you.

Of course, business coaching is far more nuanced than the example above. There will be differences depending on what industry you’re in, how big your business is, how much it can potentially grow, and how fast.

Also, you can call your business coach for advice when you need it, much like the basketball coach yelling at you from the sidelines.

What business coaching options are there?

I want to lean back into the basketball metaphor one last time. Playing basketball is a lot of fun, but you can understand more of the game by coaching basketball. You can see from a distance rather than being in the game, surrounded by players.

With business coaching, The Entourage can undoubtedly match you with a coach that will have you and your business flying and scoring goals, elevating your business up and into great wins for you.

However, we also have courses where you can learn the foundations to growing a successful 6 & 7-figure business before jumping into working with a coach full time. 

The Entourage's short courses

If you’re unsure of what knowledge you know from a business perspective, it’s always a good idea to start small with a range of short courses with The Entourage. Learn about building an effective sales model, how to do some strategic planning, or ways you can build your brand, and discover exactly where you’re at in terms of business knowledge.

These topics, and more, will help you understand different facets of the business world. Knowledge is power, which can give you power in your business, power and confidence to grow, and to step out of your comfort zone. By doing this, you’ll be able to figure out exactly what you want to know and learn from a coach in the next step of growth.

The Accelerate program

The Entourage’s Accelerate Program is a training and a success program to help push businesses from 6-figures into 7 figure revenue.

What we understand is this: building a business is a skill and it’s one that can be taught.

What started you off in business - passion, grit and determination and a great idea, is no longer enough. To grow, you need to make firm business decisions, make S.M.A.R.T. decisions, and open yourself up to more significant market opportunities.

By connecting to a network of successful business owners and business coaches and the resources they have at hand, you’ll be able to accelerate your business.

The Elevate program

The Entourage is very proud to offer the #1 program in Australia to help businesses that are in the 7 and 8 figures per year level.

Our Elevate program is an application-only program for Australia’s leading entrepreneurs to rise up to massive success. In fact, some of our leading success stories paint the lists of Australia’s fastest growing and most successful businesses.

You will have an elite-level business coach working with you, and you’ll have access to the wider Elevate Business Community.

This is a knowledge base and a coaching and training experience not available anywhere else in Australia.

How are business coaches different from mentors?

While there can be many cross-over elements between mentoring and coaching, there are some distinct differences you need to be aware of, so you don’t get the two confused, and you don’t feel disappointed that you don’t get what you expected.

What is a coach?

A coach is someone who is trained and has practical skills in the area where they are coaching. They help you set goals that are in line with your mission and values and enable you to elevate your business game to the next level.

It is also a business relationship. You have set times to be coached, and sometimes set check-up times to see how you’re going. A business coach has a specific role to play in empowering you as a business person.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is someone who is there to listen to you, guide you and inspire you. They are there for you to develop as a business person, and as a human. A mentor can be anyone who inspires you and does not even have to be in business.

The relationship between you and a mentor can be more personal. They can often be there at all hours of the day when you have concerns or need an ear to chew.

A mentor may not be a business relationship and might not cost you any money. How that relationship is between you both.

While many coaches do often end up in a mentoring relationship, remember that this is not all they’re there to do.

Where to find a business coach?

The coaches you can find at The Entourage are world-class, some of the best in Australia. With decades of experience over 150+ industries and tens of thousands of success stories from the past 12 years, you can be assured that you’ll be in good hands. Have a look at the business coaching options, book in a free Discovery Call with us, and let's get your business soaring.

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