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Leveraging Media To Build Your Brand

Do you want your customers to know and understand your brand on a deeper level? Do you want to reach new, engaged and qualified audiences? And do you also want to be known as an industry leader? 

Public Relations, or PR, is what can help you package you and your business' story to share with the world in an authentic way. It is also what can help send new audiences to your business as well as help you build a stronger relationship with the general public.

In this definitive guide to building your brand through media, you will be able to increase your brand exposure, gain media attention, and become the most visible and viable choice in your industry.

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What's included in the Leveraging Media To Build Your Brand course?

  • Access to 7 modules detailing step by step how you can get your brand out to the media and position yourself as a thought leader
  • Presented by expert advisor Jack Delosa, Founder of The Entourage and 5x AFR Young Rich List member
  • Course exercises, templates and a definitive guide to showcase and support the strategies and learnings you will discover in this short course
  • All this is valued at $497 - but you'll get it for just $19

The 5 principles you'll learn

Set-Up Your First Press Release

Discover how you can effectively craft an attention-grabbing press release that is relevant, factual and credible, and that could gain the attention of any journalist. Set-up your first press release with our bonus template.

Discover Your Starting Point To Publicity

These are the fundamental frameworks and principles to creating and maintaining strong relationships with the right journalists to grow your exposure in media.

Getting Your Press Release Out There

A step-by-step process on how you can get your now beautifully crafted press release to the right journalist and publication. We will teach you the dynamics of how you can take this next step to leveraging media to build your brand.

Position Yourself As A Thought Leader

Gain clarity on how you can bring more exposure to your business through content that speaks to the hearts and minds of your audience, to eventually positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

The Future of Public Relations

Learn about the modern platforms of public relations in the form of digital and social media marketing. Find out how you can leverage social media influencers and their communities to not miss the opportunity to reach a brand new demographic of consumers.

Are you ready to leverage media to build your brand?