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Sales Mastery:
3 Strategies To Double Your Profit Instantly

Sales is an area that will make or break your business, and yet it's an area most business owners really struggle with. The reason for this is that most businesses view sales completely backwards... and it is killing their growth.

The fundamental psychological shift you need to make to revolutionise how you approach sales is this: you must stop creating a selling mindset in you and your team, and start creating a buying mindset in your customers. 

In this FREE webinar, high-profile investor and founder of The Entourage, Jack Delosa, will share with you three sales strategies which will ultimately enable you to create a "your company" way of selling which bottles best practice and doubles your profit instantly.  


Are You Ready To Master Sales And Double Your Profit?

When you don't have a defined sales process, you will come up against three problems that stifle the growth of your business: your conversions drop, the time to sale increases, and you won't be able to scale your sales function. You overcome this by creating a "your company way of selling," a methodology that bottles how you and your business systematically and elegancy moves someone from "I'm interested" to "How do I buy?" In this free webinar, Jack Delosa, Founder of The Entourage, will share how you can systemise sales in a way that achieves three things:
  • 1Increase your conversions, meaning you make more money from the same amount of work
  • 2Shorten your sales cycle, which will rapidly accelerate your growth
  • 3Increase your average dollar per sale which will have an exponential effect on the profit of your business

The 3 strategies you'll learn

  • 1Buying Motivators: Away From & Towards
    A prospect's buying decision is never about your product or service. Solutions are worth nothing in and of themselves. As such, to properly understand the buying motivators of your prospects, you must first understand what shapes and drives all human behaviour. And everything we do is motivated by two fundamental forces: Away From and Towards Motivators.
  • 2Red Brain & Green Brain
    To develop your own unique sales process that helps people buy more from you, more often, you need to understand what drives decision making: not from the perspective of your business or yourself, but from the perspective of your customer. This fundamental understanding underpins every component of your messaging throughout your entire buyer's journey, from your marketing right through to helping someone buy. Let Jack share with you how the human brain works, and how your customers actually make decisions through the Red Brain / Green Brain strategy.
  • 3Present Your Solution With SSOFA
    Are you one of the many businesses who knows they have a great offer for their customer, but you just don't know how to communicate it in the most compelling way? Jack will introduce you to SSOFA, a process that can help you to present any product, service, feature or solution in a way that helps your prospect make good decisions, faster. When you use this model, you will increase conversions, shorten and accelerate your sales cycle, and increase the average dollar per spend.

Meet Your Trainer

Jack Delosa builds businesses. He is a 5X AFR Young Rich Lister, 2X best-selling author, and founder of Australia's largest business coaching and training provider for entrepreneurs, The Entourage, which has a worldwide community of over 800,000 members. Since 2010, The Entourage has helped their members add over $2 billion in value to their businesses.

Prior to The Entourage, Jack was the co-founder and CEO of MBE Group, a company that assisted SMEs in raising money from investors. MBE Group became one of Australia's fastest growing companies and enabled their clients to raise over $300 million in capital. 

Jack is also a high-profile investor, having invested into companies spanning biotechnology, luxury real estate, finance, ecommerce, food retail, recruitment and even aviation, including one company that became what's known in Silicon Valley as a 'unicorn' - a business that goes from $0 to $1 billion within ten years. 

He has personally trained, mentored and presented live to over 245,000 entrepreneurs and companies including ASX200 companies, SMEs, federal and state governments, athletes, NRL and AFL football clubs, celebrities, and some of the world's leading entrepreneurs.