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Why is sales coaching important?

Written by Stev Lackovic
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If you own your own business or are just starting to expand into business ventures, in terms of making money from that business, knowing how to make sales is so crucial. If you don’t know how to work the phones, talk the talk, or close the deal, then you won't be making many sales, and therefore, won't be making much money.

We at The Entourage can help with some excellent sales coaching and training, but before you get there, let's give you an idea about why effective sales coaching and training is important to you, and ultimately your business.

What is sales coaching?

A coach is someone who takes a person, or a team, assesses their current skills, talent, and knowledge of their field. The coach determines what parts of these areas the person, team, strategy or overall business is lacking, and then gives them the right training, tools, resources and encouragement to improve their skills and make them better.

Sales coaching is all this and more. It's training people in the art of making relationships with customers, using language to understand their wants and needs, and being able to solve them with positive outcomes by using the products and services you provide.

Through a great sales coach, you'll easily be able to show improvements in your sales processes and outcomes.

Why is sales coaching important?

One-on-one sales coaching can give business owners the space to try new things, experiment with new processes and ways of doing things, as well as expand their toolkit and knowledge on how to best approach sales in a way that establishes rapport with prospects.

Coaching can give you the chance to learn and improve in areas you may feel you are lacking, or not even realise that may need improvement. A good sales coach will often review your current sales processes, strategies, goals and techniques in order to help optimise your sales engine to the maximum.

Can you see how sales coaching can give business owners a chance to make meaningful changes to their business's growth?

  1. Skill Development: Sales coaching focuses on improving the skills and capabilities of sales teams. It helps them enhance their prospecting, negotiation, objection handling, and closing techniques. By providing targeted feedback and guidance, sales coaching helps individuals develop their strengths and address areas that need improvement.

  2. Performance Improvement: Effective sales coaching is aimed at improving sales performance across the organisation. It helps sales representatives identify and overcome obstacles, refine their sales strategies, and maximize their productivity. By aligning individual and team goals with organizational objectives, coaching can drive better results and revenue generation.

  3. Knowledge Transfer: Sales coaching facilitates the transfer of knowledge and expertise from experienced sales professionals to newer or less-experienced team members. It allows for the sharing of best practices, proven techniques, and industry insights. This helps to accelerate the learning curve of new hires and ensures consistent sales approaches throughout the organization.

  4. Motivation and Engagement: Coaching provides sales teams with the support and encouragement they need to stay motivated and engaged. It creates a culture of continuous learning and improvement, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability among salespeople. Regular coaching sessions also offer an opportunity to recognize and celebrate individual and team achievements, boosting morale and job satisfaction.

  5. Adaptability and Agility: In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, sales coaching is vital for helping sales professionals adapt to changes, whether it's new market trends, customer demands, or technological advancements. Coaching promotes agility and flexibility, enabling sales teams to adjust their strategies, messaging, and approaches to stay competitive and meet evolving customer needs.

  6. Retention and Talent Development: Sales coaching plays a crucial role in talent development and retention. When organizations invest in coaching, it demonstrates a commitment to the professional growth and success of their salespeople. This can enhance employee satisfaction, loyalty, and retention, as individuals feel supported and valued within the organization.

What does a sales coach do?

What is it that a great sales coach will be able to do for your team and your business?

  • Determine where you need the most help
    You, as the business owner, might not know what areas in your sales technique need help or even your strategy as a whole. There may be reports or KPI's showing a downturn in performance, but do you know why? A sales coach can come in, review the strategy, analyse your data, and help you understand exactly what areas of your sales process is lacking.

  • Create a variety of scenarios to help you practice
    Coaches can help create a variety of scenarios to both train and examine the skills of you and your sales team. They often have a lot of experience in many different environments and can create a range of scenarios of varying difficulty to help you practice. Remember, just as the best athletes in the world practice before their games, so should anyone doing sales. From these scenarios, a coach will be able to easily make an assessment and plan.

What does a sales coach do?

  • Create an action plan
    Based on the scenarios created as well as the information you've provided them in your current sales situation, a coach can help you make a tailored strategy and action plan to resolve any of the gaps in knowledge or issues surrounding your business's sales. A sales coach can also put together a sales training package that you can implement going forward, on new employees, and for refresher training in an ongoing manner.

  • Help you implement various sales techniques and strategies
    As said, it's one thing to come up with action plans, and it's another to have a continuous implementation of the techniques you've learned with your coach. A coach can watch the plan be put into action, tweak the plans if there needs to be, and be a support for the company until it's smooth sailing ahead.

All sales coaches want the action plan they put into place to succeed. They want you, your team, and your business, to show growth through the implementation of their plans and strategies.

If you’re still unsure about the merits and costs of hiring a sales coach, we have some articles you can read, all about increasing your sales and our guide to prospecting for sales leads. You can learn a lot from those articles, but if you’re interested in some more detailed training, check out our sales training courses available for you.


Is a Sales Coach Important for Enterprise Sales Teams?

Yes, a sales coach is important for enterprise-level coaching. In fact, sales coaching is a critical component of enterprise-level coaching as it focuses specifically on improving the sales performance and outcomes of the organisation.

Key takeaways

If you’re not strong at sales or would like to improve the sales in your business to eventually run and scale without you there, then you're ready to receive the help of a sales coach. Being coached and increasing your skill set is not only empowering but will be able to take your business to the next level.

Being able to attract the right prospects, establish long-term relationships, and close the most qualified deals for the benefit of your business is what will help your business grow, and that is exactly what sales coaches are there for.

Not sure where to start? Let us guide you with our entourage of business coaches, industry experts, and entrepreneurs with been-there-done-that experience who can coach and train you in not just sales, but every other area of business too and help you get your business to 6, 7 and 8-figures and beyond.

Click through to our training pages to find out how you work with our team at The Entourage or get your sales training started with one of our most popular sales short courses - How To Develop An Effective Sales Model. Taking you through the best type of sales model to have that will help you enroll more people to buy, sell more to existing customers, and package your products and services to ultimately increase your average dollar spend. Access this short course today.

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