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Why Every Business Owner Needs To Attend The Make It Happen Summit

Written by Ryan Terrey
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The past few years have been about survival. It's been about pivoting and making fast decisions based on whatever situation the world threw at us. But now, it's about growth. It's about taking the lessons learned from the last couple of years and turning them into strategies that will help you make it happen in business.

But making things happen is not about getting things done at all costs. In fact, now more than ever, people are starting to realise that there are new ways of doing business, with new schools of thought challenging the old ways of growing a successful business.

What are those new ways of making it happen so that you can walk away with a plan to grow your business, and most importantly, grow yourself?

The Entourage presents The Make It Happen Summit. A yearly event where everyday business owners will get a chance to learn from a line-up of Australia's most experienced business leaders who have walked the path before them. Get the chance to hear their unfiltered, unparalleled, and previously untold stories and secrets of resilience, progress and success.

This is how they've made it happen against all odds - and how you can make it happen, too.

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Discover how Australia’s top business leaders defied the odds to make it happen

Sometimes, the biggest challenge business owners face is seeing past the immediate roadblocks they are dealing with or have just been through. Having to put out fires every single day on top of dealing with the complications of the last couple of years has put many business owners in survival mode.

When times like this happen, it's vital that business owners in this situation take a step back and look at the support systems around them for help. Whether that's through talking to their team or other business owners about the lessons they've learned, working with their business coach to find the best next steps for growth, or learning from those who have been-there-done-that experience.

That's where The Make It Happen Summit comes in. This event made exclusively for business owners is all about bringing together like-minded entrepreneurial people who want change, growth, and to make it happen through a new way of business. Shedding the traditional ways of doing things and looking towards a new horizon of what will make an impact in this new day and age, this event is here to help you make it happen.

This year's event will take place on 5th October in Sydney, NSW featuring the stories, lessons and secrets of some of Australia's top business leaders including:

  • Jack Delosa (5x AFR Young Rich Lister and the Founder of The Entourage)
  • Janine Allis (The 'Accidental Entrepreneur' turned 'Shark' and Founder of Boost Juice)
  • Sarah Davidson (The ex-laywer, now 'funtrepreneur' and Founder of Matcha Maiden)
  • Fiona Crawford (2x medal-winning Olympian, now GM of People & Culture at CreditorWatch)
  • Dean Blackbeard (SMB Country Head at TikTok Australia & New Zealand)
  • Ellie Rogers (Industry Director, Australia & New Zealand, Facebook & Instagram)
  • And Stev Lackovic (Principle Growth Advisor at The Entourage)

For the past 12 years, amazing entrepreneurial success stories have been born from The Entourage’s events, acting as a unique catalyst for unparalleled levels of personal and business growth. We know The Make It Happen Summit will offer you the same, and that we’ll be speaking of your successes at our next event.

This is your exclusive invitation today to rub shoulders with some of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and 6, 7 and 8-figure founders, and get the behind-the-scenes insights into their businesses and journeys that they’ve never before shared, all to help you make it happen too.

Save your seat for The Make It Happen Summit today.

Walk away with everything you need to build a successful business

This one-day in-person event in Sydney is not only made to help you learn from the leaders in business across Australia, but will also literally give you the tools, resources and knowledge that will help you walk away with a roadmap to business success.

Discover the blueprint, hear the mistakes, and glean the short-cuts straight from entrepreneurs with been-there, done-that experience. There will be invaluable lessons that you can immediately apply to your business, plus major giveaways from The Entourage team and our incredible event sponsors who are here to help give you exactly what you need to make it happen in your business.

Thanks to our partners, attend The Make It Happen Summit for the chance to win up to $30,000 worth of prizes that will help you make it happen in business and in life.

Register for The Make It Happen Summit today

The Make It Happen Summit is fast approaching, and with less than 250 tickets left, you will not want to miss out on this opportunity. If you're a 6, 7 or 8-figure business owner who wants to connect with and learn from other like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts, register your spot today. Make sure to join us on the day for your chance to win $30,000 worth of prizes.

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