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Building Better Business Relationships: Top Strategies & Tips

24 minutes

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Learn how to build better business relationships from 4 leading business owners

As a business owner, it's vital that you know how to build relationships of influence. Whether it's for networking, marketing, sales, or even leading your team, relationships are the glue holding together different areas of your business. That's why we wanted to share with you this session from our recent Entourage member event, The Entrepreneurs' Assembly, with 4 incredible business owners who share their top tips and strategies on how you can build influential relationships in business too.
This episode of The Make It Happen Show features an incredible panel of entrepreneurs including Dylan Mullan, Founder of Happy Skin Co, who took his business from $0 to $20 million in 2 years, Wendy El-Khoury, Founder of Wedded Wonderland, who's gained more than 20 million followers across her and her clients' channels, Sunil Kumar, Founder of Reliance Real Estate, named AFR's #1 Fastest-Growing Real Estate Company, and author of the recently released 'From The Ground Up: 7 Principles For Building A Business Fast', as well as Samantha Cook, Co-Founder of Flave, named AFR's 100 Women of Influence.
They discuss everything from key relationships to building influence and unlocking doors to elevator pitches, and more, this is a must-listen-to episode for every single business owner that wants to learn how to take their relationships in business to the next level. Check it out now.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • 4:19 - The 4 W's that Samantha Cook has relied on to create and strengthen her relationship with her business's board members
  • 6:35 - Effective strategies in relationship building that have guided Sunil Kumar, and Wendy El-Khoury through the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey
  • 9:12 - Core relationships that have played major roles throughout Dylan Mullan's entrepreneurial and business growth
  • 12:04 - The best ways to connect with people of influence, and useful techniques to get in front of the right people
  • 18:04 - The elements of a standout elevator pitch
  • 20:44 - How to best position yourself and approach somebody who is beyond your current business standing
Dylan Mullan (Happy Skin Co), Wendy El-houry (Wedded Wonderland), Sunil Kumar (Reliance Real Estate), Samantha Cook (Flave) join The Make It Happen Show

"Every single business owner needs to think of themselves as an influencer."

— Wendy El-Khoury

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is a board and should your business use one?
  • The importance of a like-minded community of entrepreneurs
  • The best way to network online
  • Why you need the right people in
    your team in the right positions
  • Why all business owners need to be influencers themselves
  • The secret to connecting with the right people
  • And more!




Great insight for business owners and super practical takeaways!

Bruce Casanovic

Amazing guests, great insights into their journey and what has helped make their businesses successful. Great to hear how some of the guests have navigated challenge as well. Loads of good practice takeaways.

Perfect for the Monday commute


Great to listen to on the commute to work on Monday mornings. Great content, well delivered and plenty of insights from industry leaders in a variety of fields. Good to see the entourage getting out there with a podcast series

Top-shelf guests. Top-shelf conversations.


This is so awesome, so helpful, and so fresh. Right from the get-go, the team at The Entourage have brought out the big names in the Aussie entrepreneur and business space to have conversations that every business owner should listen to. I can't wait to see who they bring on next.

Amazing guests


Loved the episode with Tim Fung, Airtasker CEO! You guys are getting some awesome guests in! Thank you!

Entourage on point again!

Adz Rodger

Great content again from The Entourage! Particularly like the 1st episode and the points Tim Fung made about making sure you make time to map out the future and don't get stuck on day to day 'work', as well as the observation that you really need to be strategic about your people management and not just try to save money. Two awesome take homes I have already taken action on!

For entrepreneurs and non-trepeneurs alike


Well this was one of the best things I’ve heard in a while. I’m by no means the target demographic, having zero business or entrepreneurial experience at all. Luckily the advice given for business growth and success is remarkably applicable to personal growth and success. Loved the conversational style, by the end of the podcast I felt like I knew both Tims personally, which is a great mark of engagement. And I loved hearing about the humble beginnings of Airtasker from the founder himself. Give this a listen if you’re craving a bit of personal or professional inspiration.


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