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Taryn Williams — How to build a tech business with no tech experience

37 minutes

Tomer Garzberg — The FUTURE of efficient work with data & AI expert
Nima Yassini — Best advice to improve your business' conversion rate

Former model to now leading entrepreneur

For many, their first time in tech will often cost 3x more and take 5x longer than expected. And this is true for Taryn Williams, Founder of WINK Models and Not only did she find a massive shortage in quality talent in the dev tech industry but she also had no tech experience herself. But Taryn still made it happen.

A former model, Taryn is now one of Australia’s most popular award-winning entrepreneurs and digital influencers. She has pressed the disrupt button not once, but twice in the creative, fashion and talent industries with her businesses, and in 2018 she was even awarded the Mumbrella Award for Innovation.

In this episode, Taryn traces her journey from model to business owner and tech innovator, speaking on all her lessons building a tech platform with no tech experience. For those who are interested in understanding tech better from a non-tech background perspective, hear from Taryn as she describes her key ingredients to succeed. Let's get into it.

13. Taryn Williams promotional image for The Make It Happen Show

"Test an idea before you go spending way more time and way more money and way more energy developing features."

— Taryn Williams

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 1:24 - Disrupting the fashion industry twice with WINK Models and
  • 3:05 - How WINK Models has changed since the beginning
  • 6:26 - The key ingredients to helping Taryn succeed
  • 7:35 - The development process in getting marketplace up
  • 8:56 - The advantages of producing a Minimal Viable Product
  • 12:10 - The marketplace community on
  • 15:31 - How Taryn keeps on top of opportunities and trends
  • 17:18 - How Taryn has addressed potential undercutting in the marketplace
  • 19:47 - How the company has evolved in the last 3 years
  • 24:39 - How Taryn continues to get new customers on the platform
  • 26:25 - Funding the growth of Taryn’s businesses
  • 31:33 - Make It Happen In A Minute




Great insight for business owners and super practical takeaways!

Bruce Casanovic

Amazing guests, great insights into their journey and what has helped make their businesses successful. Great to hear how some of the guests have navigated challenge as well. Loads of good practice takeaways.

Perfect for the Monday commute


Great to listen to on the commute to work on Monday mornings. Great content, well delivered and plenty of insights from industry leaders in a variety of fields. Good to see the entourage getting out there with a podcast series

Top-shelf guests. Top-shelf conversations.


This is so awesome, so helpful, and so fresh. Right from the get-go, the team at The Entourage have brought out the big names in the Aussie entrepreneur and business space to have conversations that every business owner should listen to. I can't wait to see who they bring on next.

Amazing guests


Loved the episode with Tim Fung, Airtasker CEO! You guys are getting some awesome guests in! Thank you!

Entourage on point again!

Adz Rodger

Great content again from The Entourage! Particularly like the 1st episode and the points Tim Fung made about making sure you make time to map out the future and don't get stuck on day to day 'work', as well as the observation that you really need to be strategic about your people management and not just try to save money. Two awesome take homes I have already taken action on!

For entrepreneurs and non-trepeneurs alike


Well this was one of the best things I’ve heard in a while. I’m by no means the target demographic, having zero business or entrepreneurial experience at all. Luckily the advice given for business growth and success is remarkably applicable to personal growth and success. Loved the conversational style, by the end of the podcast I felt like I knew both Tims personally, which is a great mark of engagement. And I loved hearing about the humble beginnings of Airtasker from the founder himself. Give this a listen if you’re craving a bit of personal or professional inspiration.


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