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How Executive Business Coaching Can Benefit A Business

Written by John Kounas
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You may have been a business owner or Founder for many years but once your business starts growing and you have to step out of the day-to-day operations, and start leading in an executive role, things will change.

You probably won’t know everything about what it means to sit in an executive leadership role, which is fine. Life should always be a learning journey. But when you get to that upper echelon of your business, that could be the best time to seek outside help, an independent ear to turn to for advice and support.

Executive coaching is one area of the business coaching and training that The Entourage can provide business owners of 6, 7 and 8-figures with. And it's often the blue sky kind of mentoring and personal development many Founders need once they start having big decisions to make.

So, what exactly is executive business coaching, and how can it benefit you and your business?

The benefits of executive business coaching

There are many benefits from executive business coaching. Some of the big advantages are listed next, but there are some subtle, smaller advantages too.

An executive business coach can help your self-confidence and self-esteem. They can help with problems you’re unable to process or solve alone. They can give independent and unbiased help and advice.

An executive coach challenges you, pushes you out of your comfort zone, and guides you to be a better you, both personally and professionally in your new executive role in your business.

Improve employee job satisfaction

One major benefit to getting executive coaching is that they can help you listen to and acknowledge your employees better. They can help train your communication skills to help you connect with all levels of your business.

This recognition can go a long way to making your employees happier at work and have better job satisfaction while ensuring that you don't end up isolating yourself as the leader from your team. Recognition from management and executive team, is a powerful motivating force.

Improve productivity

You can learn ways to systemise production, cut out the wasteful jobs which take up too much time, and streamline your whole business.

These changes in practice, implemented from the top down, can help deliver sales and revenue goals. Your team, seeing how better they’re working and the improved results, can become happier.

Increase business growth

Working at an executive level, this coaching style assists you with the big picture - how can you grow your business even further?

The independence of an executive coach means they can find blind spots or issues you may not thought were a problem. Together you can examine these issues and find solutions beneficial to your business and your team.

An executive coach has the foresight and vision to help you find a path toward growth and prosperity. They have strategies you can implement through which you will grow your business, and yourself.

Leadership development

There is a difference between being a leader and a manager. An executive coach will help you identify skills and abilities that will help you become an effective and inspirational leader.

You will learn ways to improve yourself within your current role, boosting your self-confidence in being able to lead. The coach will also nudge you out of your comfort zone so you grow.

Many people in leadership positions doubt their worth and question if they’re the right people to be in that position. An executive coach bolsters your self-esteem and will give you the toolset to become an effective leader and help you believe that you are worthy.

Better company culture

An executive coach brings a wealth of experience working with other CEOs, Founders, GMs and executives in other successful companies. One of the things which make companies strong is positive company culture.

Your coach can look at the culture of your business, and help you implement change if the culture is poor. With the change coming from the top, your business should follow your example.

Establish your vision, your mission statement, and the values you run your company by. Make sure those values are reflected in all your communication and branding to give a unified voice to your business.

Enhance communication

The executive coach will examine the current communication practices and recommend improvements.

  • Clear communication is the key to implementing positive change.
  • Effective communication is vital to growing your company’s culture.

It is no good going through all this change and growth with an executive coach if you can’t communicate the new direction effectively with your teams.

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