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The Missing Ingredient For Most Businesses When It Comes To Finance

Written by John Liu
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For a lot of businesses - finance can be a very murky area when it comes to resources, and having enough clarity and certainty over how it all works. We know it needs to work, but it can be a bit of a “dark art” sometimes as we scale. The reason is often that there is often one key ingredient missing. 

There are the internal workings - either being done by a bookkeeper, a small team or sometimes by someone senior that is being bogged down by it, then there’s the “external / compliance stuff” an accountant will usually handle such as your tax. Usually, neither of these individuals or teams will be looking to provide proactive commentary or support in looking up and ahead - they’re very retrospective, which can make it hard to have the control over the business we’d like. 


If you haven’t already heard, The Entourage has a new service offering by way of Accounting & Advisory. We often hear from business owners and managers that managing their business finances is still a top priority but are frustrated with the lack of clarity and meaningful conversations they are having with either their accountant or bookkeeper.


We have addressed this issue by offering a full-service financial management solution for our clients. This includes everything from bookkeeping to more sophisticated management reporting all the way to CFO-level advisory services. 


At the heart of what we do is ‘finance business partnering’. It not only answers the question of “what” or “why” something has happened in your business but also the “where to now”.


If you think this is something that can help you gain control of your finances and make better business decisions, then please book a time with the Growth Services team to have a quick chat on the link below.

Click here to talk to our team, and take your first step towards financial clarity 

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