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How to increase your sales: understand the consumer mindset

Written by Petar Lackovic
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No matter what stage you are in when running your business, there’s always a question of how to increase your sales.

Will you profit? Is the revenue enough to make the business sustainable? Have you broken through the glass ceiling?

Before you can answer those questions, you first need to ask yourself these:

  1. Is your sales process aligned with your marketing process?
  2. Does your sales cycle match your customer’s buying cycle?
  3. Are you focussing on providing a solution early in the sales cycle?

In order to create a high-converting sales process, you must first understand the mindset of your consumer. And you need to do it at the earliest stage possible! Even if you have the most amazing product or service in the world, not everyone is going to run up to you to pay there and then.

This hesitation to buy any sort of offer is what we call buyer’s resistance.

What Is Buyer’s Resistance?

Buyer’s resistance is the resistance consumers show before purchasing a product or paying for a service. A buyer weighs in all the options and compares different products before making a purchasing decision. Often, you’ll meet customers who will question the benefits of buying your product or service versus relinquishing the opportunity to purchase an alternative. This is a natural and rational thought.

Buyer’s resistance can come in the form of verbal and non-verbal cues. A customer can verbally express resistance by way of objections or excuses. Other times, you’ll see their resistance based on their facial expressions.

Once your customer shows some resistance, it’s now up to you to lower it so you can increase your sales.

Lowering Buyer’s Resistance

Resistance and acceptance are two modes that buyers go through before making a decision. It’s key for you to note that people make decisions emotionally and justify their decisions logically.

How do you navigate this? It’s all about knowing how to appeal to your customer’s red brain and green brain.

Red Brain vs. Green Brain: How Do You Increase Your Sales?

Red Brain

Green Brain





Increases procrastination

Faster decision making

Red braining is talking to the part of the brain that makes the customer analyse all the data about your product or service in detail. Meanwhile, green braining is talking to the part of the brain that wants to fulfill the emotional desire that your product creates for them.

You need to be able to appeal to both sides of your customer’s brain to lower buyer’s resistance and increase buyer’s acceptance.

Overcoming Buyer’s Resistance

To lower buyer’s resistance, you or your salesperson should have complete knowledge of the product or service you’re selling as well as that of the competition.

Be careful though, as displaying how knowledgeable you are may still send some signals to your buyer’s red brain.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” — Theodore Roosevelt

Any salesperson in the world has a script when they start selling to their prospects. However, not all sales scripts will work in your favour. You need to be able to tailor your conversations with your buyer so they know that you care more about establishing a relationship with them than you are with making a one-time sale.

The Key to a Successful Sale

While handling buyer’s resistance may sound like a difficult part of selling, most successful entrepreneurs and salespeople welcome and even encourage it as part of the selling process.

To overcome buyer’s resistance, anyone involved in the sales processes of your business needs proper training to ensure that they’re able to understand prospects’ concerns. Understanding your customer’s pain points can help in lowering buyer’s resistance so you can increase buyer’s acceptance.

The good news? Anyone can learn how to do this. Anyone can become influential in sales and provide strong leadership. Discover how you can do this with our High Converting Sales Call Script that you can access for FREE to give you the confidence to deliver high-converting sales calls today.

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