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From Chaos to Clarity: Harnessing Hierarchy and Triage for Business

Written by Romeo Devlin
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Welcome to a world of enhanced productivity and efficiency in the realm of business management. In today's fast-paced corporate landscape, where time is of the essence and responsibilities are manifold, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. In this blog, we'll delve into two powerful strategies for optimising your operations: the "Hierarchy of Ownership" and the "Traffic Light Triage Time Management" systems.


These tools have been meticulously crafted to empower you with the means to take control, streamline workflows, and achieve greater success for your business. Let's explore how you can implement these game-changing techniques to unlock your full potential and elevate your business to new heights.



"Traffic Light Triage Time Management"  system is my practical approach for prioritising and managing tasks and issues that arise in the day-to-day operations of a business. It effectively categorises these tasks by urgency and importance, making it easier for individuals to allocate their time and attention appropriately.

Here's a breakdown of how the system works:



Tasks or issues marked as red are of the highest urgency and require immediate attention. These are situations that demand an immediate response or decision, and you should find time to address them as soon as possible. This can help prevent critical issues from escalating. It's not just things for you - but for your team to consider BEFORE they interupt, or "catch you" between meetings.


Amber tasks or issues are important but not as urgent as red ones. You can schedule a specific time during your day or week to address amber matters. This approach allows you to batch similar tasks or discussions, making your workflow more efficient while ensuring that important matters don't get neglected. Again, this is for you and your team to be more sympathetic and allow flow and deep work as important.


Green tasks or issues are less urgent and can be handled during regularly scheduled meetings, such as team meetings, 1:1s, or project-specific meetings. By doing so, you can avoid interrupting your workflow for less pressing matters and maintain your focus on other essential tasks. It's a hard habit, especially in open plan offices, to train ourselves and others to wait till the right time. Even getting this happening more will make not only the meetings more productive, but the time in between way more useful.


This system is an excellent way to manage your time and prioritise your workload effectively. It not only helps you address urgent matters promptly but also allows you to maintain a balance between focusing on immediate needs and managing less pressing but important tasks efficiently. It can also help in improving communication and reducing interruptions, as team members will know when and how to bring up specific issues.




My "Hierarchy of Ownership"  approach is an effective way to encourage teams to take ownership and initiative when seeking information or assistance.

Let's break down the steps in this hierarchy:

1. Where can I find this information?

This step encourages individuals to be resourceful and independent by first trying to locate the information they need on their own. They should consider using existing documentation, such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or conducting online research using tools like Google. This fosters self-reliance and efficiency.

2. Who should I ask?

If they cannot find the necessary information through their own efforts, the next step is to identify the right person or team to ask for assistance. This involves recognising the expertise of others within the organisation and reaching out to them. It encourages effective communication and collaboration within the team.

3. When should I ask them?

Timing is crucial. This step emphasises the importance of choosing the appropriate moment to ask for help or information. It encourages individuals to be mindful of their colleagues' schedules and priorities, ensuring that their inquiries are made at a time when it's least disruptive and most effective.

Implementing this hierarchy can lead to more self-sufficient and responsible teams, reducing unnecessary interruptions and streamlining the flow of information within the organisation. It also promotes a culture of continuous learning and improvement, as team members develop their problem-solving and information-seeking skills.



As you've discovered, the "Hierarchy of Ownership" and the "Traffic Light Triage Time Management" are not just buzzwords; they are actionable methods to boost your business's efficiency and productivity. The time to seize these strategies and transform your business is now. If you're eager to implement these tools and want personalized guidance on how to integrate them seamlessly into your operations, don't hesitate to schedule a call with us. Our team is ready to help you navigate this journey and witness the positive impact on your business.

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