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6 Office Investments That Practically Improve Your Employee Experience

Written by Jack Delosa
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In the world of workplace culture, one phrase has been echoing louder and louder in recent years — employee experience. Gone are the days when employees were satisfied with a paycheck and a desk. In 2024, employers are waking up to the fact that investing in the health and happiness of their teams leads to productivity, retention and all-around winning for the company. So, while ping pong tables and kombucha on tap are fun, there are more substantial investments that any office can make that contribute to the overall experience of your team. 

Today, we're taking a look at six practical office investments that not only make your space safer but also contribute to the overall satisfaction and wellness of your employees. Read on to find out more. 

  • Electronic Security Systems

The safety and security of employees should be the top priority for any employer, and electronic security systems are your best bet to achieve this goal. Access control systems and CCTV cameras keep an eye on your office or business premises, which deters would-be threats and gives everyone peace of mind. Because employees know that their workplace is well protected, they're able to focus on their tasks without safety concerns, thus producing an environment that is conducive to high productivity. 

However, it doesn’t just end there. Electronic security systems go beyond mere protection, and can serve as a very powerful symbol of your organisation's commitment to the employee  well-being. Employers that invest in these systems are not just securing their facilities — they're conveying a message to their workforce that says, "We care, and we're responsible. Your safety comes before all else." When employees feel that their personal well-being is a top priority, they reciprocate with genuine dedication, ownership, and confidence that you simply cannot put a price on. 

  • Wellness Rooms

In today's competitive workplaces, employee well-being is a top consideration for any business that is vying to attract and keep top talent. With this in mind organisations are increasingly investing in amenities to promote the physical, mental, and emotional health of their workforce. Trailblazing in these wellness perks are tech giants like Facebook and Google, where amid gourmet cafeterias and on-site gyms, one particular amenity shines for its simplicity and powerful impact: wellness rooms.

These dedicated spaces are designed to be comfortable and calm, providing a space where employees can relax and feed their mind, body, and soul, whether that be with a quick meditation, a few minutes of quiet reflection, or just a break from the hustle and bustle of the workday. Wellness rooms not only acknowledge the importance of mental health, but in providing a space for self-care, they signal that the organisation cares about the holistic well-being of employees. At the end of the day, investing in employee well-being isn't just good for individuals — it's good for business, leading to increased productivity, higher morale, and greater employee retention.

  • Professional Development Opportunities

Another great office investment that employers should consider is none other than professional development opportunities. These initiatives are about more than just honing skills — they’re about showing employees that their potential is limitless. Workshops, conferences, and seminars can open the door for growth, letting employees know that their development is important and valued by their employers.


But it’s more than the acquisition of new skills — with professional development, a passion that might’ve otherwise gone untapped might be ignited. Organisations that invest in professional growth establish a culture of continuous learning and improvement, which naturally fuels innovation. The returns are threefold: Employers invest in employees’ professional growth, and employees, in turn, invest their loyalty back into employers. The workforce as a collective benefits from the investment and becomes more productive, more transparent, and more loyal. And remember – one of the best ways to grow your business is to invest in your staff and be invested in their own growth too.

  • Flexible Workspace Options

As an employer, offering your team flexible workspace options isn't just about keeping up with the latest trends. Nope, rather, it's about creating an environment in which they can truly thrive. When you give your employees a number of different ways to work — from traditional desks to collaborative areas, standing desks and quiet zones — you empower them to work in a way that suits them best. It’s more than a fun perk…it’s an investment in productivity and employee satisfaction! 

But the benefits go beyond just productivity and happiness. What if we told you that you can also save money and create new efficiencies? Dynamic layouts mean you can make the most of your space, potentially reducing the need for excess square footage, saving big on real estate expenses and fostering an agile work environment at the same time. By offering solutions that help employees work from anywhere (we’re looking at you, hot-desking and remote work options), you'll also have the ability to attract and retain top talent or increase employee retention. So what are you waiting for? Keep your office (and your team) on the move.

  • Employee Assistance Programs

In today's hectic world, the importance of good mental health has never been clearer. As employees are met with the increasing demands of modern life, stressors and instances of burnout are ever-increasing. The last thing you want is for your workforce to suffer silently, and this is why investing in employee assistance programs (EAPs) are absolutely vital. These programs offer confidential counselling and resources for stress management, providing essential support to employees challenged with personal or work-related issues. 

More than just crisis intervention, EAPs also nurture a culture of mental wellness among staff. In providing resources, employers show support of their people's overall wellness and encourage the pursuit of help when needed. In a world where mental illness is so common, EAPs are everything when it comes to employees' mental wellbeing and a healthier, thriving workforce.

  • Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Last but certainly not least, in an era of heightened environmental consciousness, investing in sustainability initiatives isn't just about saving the planet — it’s about meeting the expectations of a workforce that values purpose-driven work. Imagine walking into a workplace where recycling bins abound, energy-saving practices are the norm, and the company’s commitment to sustainability is palpable.

The most important thing to remember is that employees are looking for more than just a job — they’re looking for meaning. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves, knowing that their work ultimately contributes to a net positive impact on the world. By prioritising sustainability initiatives, companies are not only reducing their carbon footprint, but they’re also breeding pride and purpose within the ranks of their workforce. After all, who wouldn’t want to be a part of a team that’s working to make the world a better place for future generations?


There you have it — six office investments that do double duty as more than just amenities; they’re foundational pillars of a positive employee experience. Together, they create a workplace where employees feel valued, supported, and empowered to do what they do best. After all, investing in the employee experience isn’t just good for morale — it’s essential for organisational success. Good luck out there!

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