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Tobi Pearce — Top lessons from $480M fitness empire entrepreneur

44 minutes

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The best life and business lessons you need to hear

Ever wanted to dig into the mind of someone who helped pioneer the modern fitness industry, someone who's helped change the lives of millions of people for the better through business? This special episode of The Make it Happen Show features a close friend of The Entourage, Tobi Pearce, Co-Founder & CEO of Sweat, one of the largest health and fitness empires in the world.

Best known for his development of the Bikini Body Guide ebooks with Kayla Itsines, Tobi started his journey with humble beginnings, even living on the streets at one point before becoming one of the wealthiest self-made Aussies under 30. Tobi and our host and CEO, Tim, dive deep into his journey and the lessons he's learned along the way - everything from tech development, the concept of over-education in business, the importance of content customisation, understanding consumer behaviour, and much, much more.

This is an incredibly interesting episode and is suited for anyone who wants a unique perspective on a few different topics, no matter what stage of business you're at. Buckle up and enjoy this 50th episode of The Make It Happen Show with us at The Entourage.


Questions asked in this episode:

  • 2:57 - Where is your team these days?
  • 3:23 - You've come a long way from basically being on the streets to having this fitness empire. But the thing that really kicked it off was the Bikini Body Guide that was one of the biggest fitness publications of the year. How did you make that happen?
  • 4:50 - Was there a moment where you were like hey this is really taking off?
  • 6:07 - When did you start thinking about bringing technology and building an app?
  • 8:36 - Had you had any tech development experience at all or was this your first time into it?
  • 10:03 - What was V1 of the app? What did it look like? What did it do? How far have you come?
  • 11:10 - Launched the app and pretty quick, it was successful too right?
  • 12:13 - You've had popularity in a lot of different countries. What kind of complexity came from that?
  • 15:35 - Strangest country you've had roaring success in?
  • 16:27 - How's the business evolved? How many weekly users do you have now?
  • 17:07 - How's the business needed to change to facilitate that?
  • 18:12 - What's taking most of your bandwidth these days?
  • 19:34 - What do you think the shifts and the changes of the fitness industry are?
  • 23:18 - Touching on content, what's going on there? What's changing? What are you paying attention to?
  • 25:19 - What kind of technology do you need to capture data, analyse it and present more tailored content to a user?
  • 28:55 - Two different people need different stuff presented to them. Is that where you think you or the industry is getting to that content is changed depending on the person?
  • 31:00 - What is next? How does someone stand out next in the fitness industry?
  • 32:46 - Do you have a huge number of avatars in Sweat? How does it work?
  • 34:25 - Make It Happen In A Minute
  • 38:45 - BONUS: How do you build something to become bigger than just a Founder-led brand?


50. Tobi Pearce Promo Image

"One of the biggest risks you can have is being've got to be a bit crazy to try some of the big stuff."

— Tobi Pearce

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The keys to understanding your business' avatar really well
  • Common traps people fall into with technology development
  • Why subject matter experts aren't necessarily the best for business
  • The complexities of international markets
  • Why you need to understand your consumer's intents and behaviours
  • How the fitness industry has accelerated into the future since COVID-19 hit
  • The vitalness of specification in business - and how it could be your livelihood




Great insight for business owners and super practical takeaways!

Bruce Casanovic

Amazing guests, great insights into their journey and what has helped make their businesses successful. Great to hear how some of the guests have navigated challenge as well. Loads of good practice takeaways.

Perfect for the Monday commute


Great to listen to on the commute to work on Monday mornings. Great content, well delivered and plenty of insights from industry leaders in a variety of fields. Good to see the entourage getting out there with a podcast series

Top-shelf guests. Top-shelf conversations.


This is so awesome, so helpful, and so fresh. Right from the get-go, the team at The Entourage have brought out the big names in the Aussie entrepreneur and business space to have conversations that every business owner should listen to. I can't wait to see who they bring on next.

Amazing guests


Loved the episode with Tim Fung, Airtasker CEO! You guys are getting some awesome guests in! Thank you!

Entourage on point again!

Adz Rodger

Great content again from The Entourage! Particularly like the 1st episode and the points Tim Fung made about making sure you make time to map out the future and don't get stuck on day to day 'work', as well as the observation that you really need to be strategic about your people management and not just try to save money. Two awesome take homes I have already taken action on!

For entrepreneurs and non-trepeneurs alike


Well this was one of the best things I’ve heard in a while. I’m by no means the target demographic, having zero business or entrepreneurial experience at all. Luckily the advice given for business growth and success is remarkably applicable to personal growth and success. Loved the conversational style, by the end of the podcast I felt like I knew both Tims personally, which is a great mark of engagement. And I loved hearing about the humble beginnings of Airtasker from the founder himself. Give this a listen if you’re craving a bit of personal or professional inspiration.


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