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Sarah Davidson — From corporate job to business owner to exiting

37 minutes

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The realities of business 5 years in and how you can 'Seize The Yay'

A classic entrepreneur story usually looks like this: side hustle -> quit corporate job -> full-time business owner. But what happens when your 'dream' life and business start shifting into something else? This is the story of Sarah Davidson, the Co-Founder of Matcha Maiden, and her journey to realising that her business was no longer on the right path for her.

5 years into an accidental side-hustle turned international, trailblazing matcha company, she realised that she was no longer doing any parts of the business she loved. Feeling like she was holding the business back from reaching its full potential, these are her steps to exiting from Matcha Maiden and finally, and truly 'Seizing The Yay' — her personal philosophy in finding fulfilment and joy in life.

This is a very different episode of The Make It Happen Show, but one that is a must-listen for every business owner no matter what stage you're at, because finding what truly lights you up is the key to your long-term success. Check it out.


Questions asked in this episode:

  • 1:11 - Introducing Sarah Davidson
  • 1:26 - You've taken a side hustle turned it into a business, then exited it with Matcha Maiden in just a few short years. How did you make that happen?
  • 4:31 - Was there a point where, when did you think, I think exiting the business is what i might need to do?
  • 6:41 - Were you thinking about taking investment in order to staff up so you wouldn't have to spend so much time there?
  • 10:29 - When did the exit finally complete? How recent was that?
  • 10:40 - What has been taking your time since then? Is it Seize The Yay? Is it other endeavors?
  • 12:10 - Is this now a collection of things that form a career or is it a whole bunch of things that you're trying out and you might double down on one in the future?
  • 13:44 - Do you think having gone through 18 months of uncertainty has helped with that evolution for you?
  • 16:28 - What were some of the things you did to start moving away from structure? Were there proactive steps you did here?
  • 25:55 - How do you allocate your time at the moment?
  • 27:56 - Make It Happen In A Minute
Sarah Davidson featured image

"People always say, "Oh it was so risky to leave your law job", but actually it was much riskier five years in. The bigger risk started to come when the figures we were dealing with were bigger."

— Sarah Davidson

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What happens when you don't do what lights you up in your business
  • The signs of when you're missing something in your life
  • What do you do when you can no longer 'wing it' in business?
  • How Sarah has grown out of being risk-averse
  • Why you should think back to what you were like as a child
  • And more!




Great insight for business owners and super practical takeaways!

Bruce Casanovic

Amazing guests, great insights into their journey and what has helped make their businesses successful. Great to hear how some of the guests have navigated challenge as well. Loads of good practice takeaways.

Perfect for the Monday commute


Great to listen to on the commute to work on Monday mornings. Great content, well delivered and plenty of insights from industry leaders in a variety of fields. Good to see the entourage getting out there with a podcast series

Top-shelf guests. Top-shelf conversations.


This is so awesome, so helpful, and so fresh. Right from the get-go, the team at The Entourage have brought out the big names in the Aussie entrepreneur and business space to have conversations that every business owner should listen to. I can't wait to see who they bring on next.

Amazing guests


Loved the episode with Tim Fung, Airtasker CEO! You guys are getting some awesome guests in! Thank you!

Entourage on point again!

Adz Rodger

Great content again from The Entourage! Particularly like the 1st episode and the points Tim Fung made about making sure you make time to map out the future and don't get stuck on day to day 'work', as well as the observation that you really need to be strategic about your people management and not just try to save money. Two awesome take homes I have already taken action on!

For entrepreneurs and non-trepeneurs alike


Well this was one of the best things I’ve heard in a while. I’m by no means the target demographic, having zero business or entrepreneurial experience at all. Luckily the advice given for business growth and success is remarkably applicable to personal growth and success. Loved the conversational style, by the end of the podcast I felt like I knew both Tims personally, which is a great mark of engagement. And I loved hearing about the humble beginnings of Airtasker from the founder himself. Give this a listen if you’re craving a bit of personal or professional inspiration.


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