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Sales Templates

Access our free sales planning and strategy templates.

Streamline your sales processes and boost your revenue with our extensive range of sales strategy templates and frameworks.


Access The Entourage’s High Converting Sales Strategy Templates

Sales is a skill, and it can be taught. Our sales training and programs have helped thousands of businesses elevate their sales processes and results. We’ve taken world class frameworks, techniques and tools and turned these into practical sales planning and strategy templates that you can start using in your business today!

How Can Our Sales Templates Benefit You?

Build A Sales Process That Works For You

Turning prospects into customers can be challenging. Having a consistent sales process that produces predictable and scalable results is key to sales growth, and our sales templates and resources will help you build a process suitable for your business.

Construct Effective Pitches

What's the best way to deliver a pitch? What are some of the best techniques (backed by research) that I can apply to my own presentations? How do I handle objections? These are all factors to consider in crafting the perfect pitch, and our templates and resources can help you do exactly that.

Turn Sales Into The Engine Room Of Your Business

Sales should be the main growth driver of your business. If you can get your sales processes and pitches right, it will change your business forever. And we have the tools to get you there.


Sales Templates And Resources

Rapid Rev eBook

Rapid Revenue Growth Guide

All growth is sales and marketing led.

But you need to build a structurally sound sales and marketing engine that isn't reliant on the founder or CEO to continue driving growth.

In this eBook, we will show you exactly that. You'll find the high-level growth strategies and proven marketing and sales frameworks that have worked for 40,000 of Australia's fastest growing businesses.

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Sales Psychology Guide

Entrepreneurs don’t get into business to become great at sales. And yet, sales is the #1 skill you need to start, grow and scale your business.

Simply put, sales is finding out how someone likes to receive information, and giving it to them in such a way that they can make a decision. In doing so, you position yourself and your business as the “go-to” leader in your industry, and build up an audience who feels compelled to engage with you.

We've shared our most successful sales and communication models in this eBook to help you do exactly that.


High Converting Sales Call Script

No one likes to be sold to. You might have the best product or service to offer, but confidently demonstrating its value can be challenging.

The good news? Anyone can be influential in sales and provide leadership. 

Discover a framework to do this in an effective and non-salesy way with The Entourage's High-Converting Sales Call Script.

This free sales call template will give you the confidence to deliver high-converting sales calls to both warm and cold leads

Looking For More?

Our templates will give you a strong foundation to build a sales strategy and process, but our offering just begins there.


22 Sales Strategies Short Course

You can get a taste of our member-exclusive sales training curriculum with our short course, 22 Sales Strategies. Use the discount code “ELEVATION” to access this course for only $9!


#1 podcast for entrepreneurs

In this top 10-ranking business podcast on iTunes, CEO of The Entourage, Tim Morris, sits down with a trailblazing entrepreneur every week to ask them 1 simple question: how did you make it happen?


Business Coaching Programs

For those looking to take the next step, check out our Business Coaching Programs where we can help you level up your business not only in sales, but across all areas of business.

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