22 Strategies To Increase Your Sales Today

Cash is the lifeblood of a business. Without it, your business cannot grow and will struggle to survive. As an entrepreneur, it is fundamental that you develop and refine your sales skills. You will need to be able to sell - sell your vision, your idea and of course, your product. 

It is particularly crucial to generate sufficient cash flow that can be re-invested back into the business, and allow you to grow at the pace you want. An inability to do so is what holds most businesses back.

In this course, you'll learn the key strategies, techniques and methodologies that every business needs to generate sales and increase cash flow. Implement these strategies and techniques right away to maximise your sales potential.


What's included in the 22 Strategies To Increase Your Sales course?

  • Access to 22 sales modules each containing strategies that will help increase sales and cash flow in your startup
  • Get lifetime, unrestricted access to this course so you can learn anywhere, at any time, and at your own pace
  • Expert advice from your presenter, Petar Lackovic, Australia's leading Sales Training Expert and former Head of Entrepreneurial Development at The Entourage
  • 2 bonus modules focusing on the most effective methods to manage creditors and debtors, and quick ways to move stock in order to free up cash
  • All this is valued at $497 - but you'll get it for just $19

The 5 principles you'll learn

How To Develop A Sales Mindset

Developing a sales mindset is crucial to embracing this vital activity and succeeding in business. Uncover what usually stops us from generating sales from the word "go".

Deploy An Effective Sales Strategy

A great Sales Strategy is the difference between a successful year of hitting targets and increasing profitability, and another year of simply ‘spinning the wheels’ without much improvement.

Strategies To Increase Your Sales

Your business is up and running and you have an existing audience. Rather than spend most of your time trying to sell to new customers, learn how to leverage your existing customer base.

Best Practices To Test And Measure Sales Performance

Learn to measure, adapt and react to the performance of your sales strategy. Find out what's working and continue doing that. Find out what's not working and stop that activity.

Understand Customer Buying Behaviours

Every customer has one of two main motivators behind their buying decisions. Uncover what they are to better communicate with prospects and limit objections.

Meet Your Course Instructor, Petar Lackovic


Petar Is Australia's Leading Sales Trainer

For more than 25 years, Petar has specialised in creating and implementing impactful sales methodologies across the country which has generated over $2 billion for Australian businesses.

Despite being called upon by the likes of major brands like Mazda, ING, Cancer Council, Channel 9 and Westpac to redesign and reinvigorate their sales processes, Petar’s real passion is helping SMBs build their sales systems so that they can scale and grow with confidence.

A highly sought after international entrepreneur, investor, advisor and speaker, Petar has had success with thousands of businesses across the globe in over 140 different industries.

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