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The Sales Psychology Guide

Entrepreneurs don’t get into business to become great at sales. And yet, sales is the #1 skill you need to start, grow and scale your business.

Simply put, sales is finding out how someone likes to receive information, and giving it to them in such a way that they can make a decision. In doing so, you position yourself and your business as the “go-to” leader in your industry, and build up an audience who feels compelled to engage with you.

We've shared our most successful sales and communication models in this eBook to help you do exactly that.

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The Sales Psychology Guide for free

This e-Book contains tried-and-tested frameworks to help you

  • Understand the psychology of your consumer, to learn how to help them to buy more, without you having to "sell"
  • Develop effective language and phrasing to use to build rapport and trust with your prospects
  • Discover The Entourage's proprietary Red Brain / Green Brain model to craft your communication through the sales process
  • Successfully implement new sales processes for your prospects and train your team
  • Identify the fears, frustrations, desires and wants of your prospects

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The Sales Psychology Guide for free

What's in the e-book


An Introduction To Sales Psychology

Discover how to create an emotional connection and build genuine rapport with your prospects so that you can position you and your business as the go-to leader in your industry.


The Red Brain / Green Brain Model

The human brain can be divided into to parts or sides - the logical (red) and the emotional (green). Learn how to better speak to each side throughout the sales process, and turn your prospects into customers.


Red & Green Brain Language Techniques

You need to engage both parts of the brain to help your prospects reach a decision. We'll start by looking at the language you’re already using - whether that’s verbal, in conversations with your prospects, or written on your website - to see what can be optimised.


The Four Forces To Attraction

Discover the model so you can communicate with your prospects in optimal order - Frustrations, Wants, Fears and Desires - and you’ll create an attraction model where people will want to work with you and respond to anything that you do.

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The Sales Psychology Guide for free

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