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From $50K to $30 Million in Revenue






The Business


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Fitness to Business

In 2013, as a successful personal trainer with a passion for fitness and training elite athletes, Pete Co-Founded Fitstop.

An Unconventional Start

In 2014 Pete attended one of our UNCONVENTION events in Brisbane and joined The Entourage shortly after.

The Franchise Begins

In 2017 as Fitstop was scaling to new heights, Pete launched the franchise model of the business with a goal of empowering business owners.

Startup to Franchise

After learning how to successfully scale the business through a franchise model, Pete now has over 11,000 members across 52 locations and is expecting to hit $30 million in annual membership revenue.

From PT to Business Owner

In 2013, Pete was a successful personal trainer who had a passion for helping people reach their goals and he co-founded Fitstop. He started off with one location which had 30 members and $50,000 in annual revenue, however, this wasn’t enough to pay the bills - let alone himself. He knew this wasn’t sustainable, and when he came across The Entourage’s event UNCONVENTION in 2014, he signed up straight away.

As a personal trainer, I thought I was quite successful, I knew how to get results for people, but I didn’t know how to get results for myself in business.

When Pete joined he knew everything about fitness but nothing about business, so he leaned into the community, the workshops and worked closely with his business coach to develop a framework for how to grow and scale his business. He learned the fundamentals of business which included sales systems, building and reviewing a P&L and developed an understanding of what cash flow was.

After just 12 months with The Entourage, Pete grew the business to 120 members and tripled his membership revenue to $150,000.

The Entourage taught Pete the power of networking as he was surrounded by hundreds of like-minded business owners who were all on similar journeys to him. As Pete says “the price of a coffee could change your life”.

By coming to The Entourage I was able to get out of my comfort zone, step into a room of hundreds of other entrepreneurs. I wasn’t wearing my PT uniform anymore.

Startup to Franchise

In 2017, Pete gew the business to two locations with 200 members each. He built sales strategies, his website, his brand and most importantly - his team underneath him. Now that he had learnt how to build the systems, technology, marketing and brand infrastructure, he decided to start a franchise model for Fitstop which took the business to new heights.

Since successfully launching the franchise model for Fitstop, Pete now has 52 locations with over 11,000 active members and is expecting to hit $30 million in 2021. Fitstop is also expanding globally and is about to launch in New Zealand as well.

Pete is no longer the ‘go-to’ for his franchisees as he has elevated himself out of the day-to-day operations of the business, which has allowed him to focus on scaling the business even further.

By joining a program like The Entourage, you’ll be able to get a roadmap for your business so you can get the outcome you actually want.


Our members don’t achieve isolated and temporary results. And neither will you. Let's work together to help you build the business you've always wanted.

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