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Record Sale


Average Contract Price


Growth in 2020


Started BJM Digital

Ben founded BJM Digital in 1999 and over the past two decades has created a trusted and experienced digital services business.

Joined Elevate

After 18 years of owning BJM Digital, Ben was burnt out which is when he decided to join The Entourage’s Elevate program - our exclusive program for business owners who want to scale from 7-8 figures of revenue.

A New Trajectory

After 4 years of no growth in the business, BJM digital grew by 20% with the help of his Elevate business coach and our entourage of industry experts and resources.

Record Project Secured

BJM Digital secured their biggest project ever for $220,000 due to a newly implemented sales process taught by The Entourage. Best part of all, they did it with no proposal.

Record Sales, Record Months

Since joining, BJM Digitals’ project sales have consistently doubled what they were previously. Average projects used to be 20-30K and have now reached 60-70K consistently. 

When You Lose Clarity Over The Vision of Your Business

Ben McIntyre founded BJM Digital over two decades ago - a business that specialises in delivering strategic custom designed websites, web apps and video content. Despite long standing relationships with clients, after 18 years in business - he knew the business had plateaued. He found himself working harder than ever, yet the business wasn’t experiencing growth. Ben didn’t know where the business was, let alone where he wanted to take it in the future.

I was overworked, I was stressed, I was frustrated. I was definitely burnt out.

Elevating The Founder Out of The Business

Since joining The Entourage’s Elevate program, Ben leaned into the coaching, workshops and access to our expert Vision Partners to develop a strategy to take the business to the next level. Ben had previously been involved in all of the businesses sales, however, with our help, he completely changed his sales process.  He is no longer a “bottleneck” in the sales process  which has since enabled scalable and sustainable growth.

Now I love sales, where I previously used to despise it and hate it.

Ben is no longer operationally involved in the delivery of the businesses products and services. He has developed himself as a leader and empowered his team to deliver world class work without him, which frees up his time to focus on growing the business.


Accessing Higher Value Clients Through The Entourage’s Help

BJM Digital previously did projects between twenty to thirty thousand dollars, where now they are consistently getting clients for $60,000 to $70,000. Ben has recently signed off on the businesses biggest deal ever for $220,000. Best of all, it was done with no proposal.

With The Entourage’s help, Ben now has structures in place which provide a “sustainable fuel” and clarity on where he knows he wants to take the business to next.

It’s totally shifted how I operate day-to-day as on a personal level as well as from a business standpoint.


Our members don’t achieve isolated and temporary results. And neither will you. Let's work together to help you build the business you've always wanted.

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