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#1 Leadership Coaching in Adelaide

"The Entourage’s coaching is phenomenal. There’s such a hands-on approach."

Montana Rosekelly, Planet Fitness

  • The Entourage has coached 3500+ businesses across more than 150 industries
  • Business coaching & training that has generated $2 billion in revenue
  • Global community of 500,000+ entrepreneurs & business owners

Why would an Adelaide business owner need leadership coaching & development?

The heartbeat of every small or medium organisation is its people. Without the ability to bring along and lead a team of passionate, skilled and experienced people aligned with your Vision, Mission and Values, your business is going nowhere.

It can be difficult to know where to start but having a coach, mentor or advisor who can help you develop the ability and knowledge to navigate common leadership challenges will lead to your business' long-term success. And at The Entourage, Australia's leading business coaching & training provider for business owners, our entourage of coaches and experts guide all of our Members along on the journey to leadership development. 

Whether you've just started hiring team members and are struggling to find the right people, or you're a more established business owner who's had difficulty bringing the team together, our business coaches and advisors can help accelerate your leadership into the future. See how leadership coaching with The Entourage can make it easier for you, a business owner based in Adelaide, to focus less on the day-to-day and more on the overall long-term vision and strategy. Whether you’re a new leader or a seasoned executive, leadership coaching can still benefit how you and your business grows long-term, especially in developing core leadership skills every business needs for success such as the below:

Recruiting Great People

Building a team of freelance or outsourced talent is great, but eventually, you will look to have full-time people join you on your journey. Recruiting the right people is absolutely vital to the long term success of your business.

Leadership Development

The first foundation of being your best self is knowing who you are inside and out and how you inspire and act across different situations. Much of leadership is about being aware and hiring your weaknesses to achieve success.

Onboarding Team Members

Hiring someone is not the last step in getting them started and contributing to the success of your business. You need a structured induction and onboarding plan to help them get up to speed and set them up for success.

Cultivating Culture

Culture is not seen. It is felt. In particular, your Vision, Mission and Values are the most powerful forces in any business. How do you set them and enrol your team in them to all work towards the same North Star and goals?

Systemised Leadership

Systemisation is crucial when it comes to your business operating effectively. Understanding how you can apply systems to tasks within your small business ensures your team work productively and with minimal errors.

What makes The Entourage's leadership coaching different?

With our entourage of experts, advisors and coaches, we’ve been able to harness decades of experience across multiple industries to be able to give you the right knowledge, tools and resources to take your leadership and people skills to the next level. Here’s how The Entourage can help.

A team of business coaches guiding you

Leadership coaching is only effective if focused on real-life situations that most business owners in Adelaide actually go through. At The Entourage, work with some of Australia's leading coaches who have helped over 3500+ business owners in Adelaide and around Australia before you to succeed.

With access to the leadership frameworks that you need to become a well-rounded leader and the experience to guide you through the challenges you'll likely face, The Entourage has everything you need to build and grow a great business.

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Access to 32+ experts and specialists

No one person knows every intricate detail of leadership development in business, that’s why when you join The Entourage, you'll get access to our entire network of coaches, experts and advisors in every area of business, including people and leadership development.

Not only will our experts share their knowledge through webinars, workshops and events, when you join The Entourage's Accelerate or Elevate Program, you'll get to work with them directly in implementation sessions to make your leadership development journey easier.

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A global community of business owners

Don't just create success, but enjoy it every step of the way with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners from Adelaide and around the world who have not only gone through the same challenges, roadblocks and mistakes you likely have, but who will also celebrate all of your successes and achievements along the way.

With a global community of 550,000+ successful business owners who are here to learn from the best and become the best, rest assured that you will never be alone on your business and leadership journey again.

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Businesses we have helped with leadership

Montana Rosekelly achieved the best results in her family business's 25 years of operations within 4 months of joining The Entourage

"Our business was hitting a plateau and because I knew less than I wanted to about the leadership and people side, that was where the glass ceiling was sitting - motivating people on the way up with you. I put into place a lot of the learnings I had [from The Entourage] like structuring reviews quarterly, celebrating your staff. And I'm really humbled and thrilled that now I have amazing people that I trust that follow my vision into the future which is infinitely settling to me and calming to me as a business leader." — Montana Rosekelly, Planet Fitness Newcastle


Tailored leadership coaching & training for Adelaide businesses

Building a strong team that's aligned with your Vision, Mission and Values and have the right skillsets and experience to help your business grow is one of the most important things a business owner could aim to do. That's why at The Entourage, one of the focuses within our business coaching programs is leadership coaching and training.

We've been able to help thousands of small businesses just like your business in Adelaide, across 150+ industries, transform and accrue over $2 billion in revenue across all areas of business. And we want to make you our next success story. With three key programs tailored to different stages of business, see how the coaching at The Entourage is here to help guide you in building the business of your dreams.


Our online business short courses give you direct access to the world’s best entrepreneurs and experts to help you run and grow a profitable business. Suitable for earlier stage businesses that need help taking the first few steps to success.

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Our key coaching program exclusively made for 7 and 8-figure business owners. The Entourage Elevate Program focuses on helping the Founder and business owner step out of their business, gain freedom, and see their vision truly come to life.

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The Entourage Accelerate Program is made for business owners who want to accelerate their growth from 6 to 7 figures. Focusing on teaching you how you can start elevating yourself into a leadership role where you are no longer stuck doing all the work.

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