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Competitor Analysis Template

Download our free Competitor Analysis Template

Find out how you can improve your business strategies to increase efficiency, gain more customers, and beat out your competition with our free digital templates for businesses.

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Competitor Analysis Template for Businesses


If you want to improve your business strategies, ensure your product or service stands out, and ensure you have a competitive advantage over others in your industry, then you need to get a better understanding of the competitors in your space through doing a competitor analysis.

Without knowing how your competition works and the ins and outs of their customer journeys, business strategies, marketing and sales tactics, and team culture as well, it’s likely that they could have processes in place that will influence a potential customer’s decisions to buy from them over you.

By doing a competitor analysis, you’ll be able to ward off competition, implement stronger strategies, and exceed industry standards. That’s why we at The Entourage want to offer you a Free Digital Competitor Analysis Template that you can complete anywhere and anytime with either just you, the business owner, or with your team as well.

Download your free Digital Competitor Analysis Framework below to see how you can ensure your business plan in 2022 is stronger than ever and stronger than your competitors too.

How Can A Competitor Analysis Help Your Business?

Benchmarking your business’s strengths and weaknesses against competitors, helping you spot where your opportunities are

Improve your business plan and strategy by better understanding why some customers choose competitors over your business

Learn how to better identify your unique value proposition to influence more customers to buy from you again and again

See where you can better serve customers by revealing industry gaps through a template created by business experts

How to Write A Competitor Analysis?


Download The Entourag'es free Competitor Analysis Template & Framework in the links below


In your newly downloaded digital template, write down the competitors in your industry


Review and analyse all 6 pillars of business in your competitors - Marketing, Sales, Product, Operations, Finance, and People


Conduct and fill out a SWOT analysis on each section above - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats


Competitor Analysis Templates And Resources

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Competitor Analysis

Do you know how well your product or service compares to that of your competitors'? Without a better understanding of how you compare, you may be missing out on opportunities to stand out and win over more customers.

Through competitor analysis, you'll be able to gain clearer insights into your industry, your customers, the strengths and weaknesses you can improve on and fill, all to become a leader in your vertical.

Find out where you can beat out your competitors by downloading our free Competitor Analysis template today.

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