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From earning $10,000 every month to $10,000 every 2 days




her business revenue in one week


Every Month To Every 2 Days


Predicted Revenue For FY21


Running Bubbles & Brushes Alone

Running the business entirely on her own, Lena was feeling exhausted, burnt out and time-poor

Joined The Accelerate Program

Lena joined The Entourage community under the Accelerate program. Within one week of attending her first workshop Lena 5x’ed her business revenue from $3,000 to $16,000

$2Million in Revenue

At the rate of growth Bubble and Brushes was experiencing, Lena predicted she would close out the FY20/21 at $2M, compared to $160k the year prior.

COVID-19 disrupted the events industry like nothing we’d ever experienced before. Small business owners, such as Lena Hughes, Founder of Bubbles and Brushes, were forced to pivot and find new and creative ways to do business. 

Journey As A Solo Entrepreneur

Lena Hughes founded Bubble & Brushes, a paint and sip event in Orange and Bathurst. As a one-person team, Lena was working long hours during the weekdays and into the weekends. She was finding it difficult to balance her other priorities, such as being a mother and experienced feelings of guilt for not having enough time for herself and her family.

I was completely burnt out. I would get to the end of the weekend and collapse in a heap.

Forced To Close Her Doors Due To COVID-19

Lena had greater visions for her company, including expanding her reach through virtual paint and sip events and selling online art kits. But never had the time and resources to make it happen. That was until COVID-19 forced businesses such as Lena’s to shut her doors. She suddenly had the capacity to accelerate her move into selling online art kits. This had always been her plan for the business, but COVID was the impetus for her to fast-track the new opportunity.

A Pivotal Shift 

Lena leaned into The Entourage’s Accelerate Program straight away, and after implementing what she learnt at her first Expert Round Table Day, she saw immediate results. With her new Facebook marketing strategy, Lena increased her revenue more than 5x in a single week from $3000 to $16,000.

Before The Entourage, Lena made $10,000 in a good month. Now, she makes that kind of money in a couple of days. If she continued growing at the rate that she was, she'd finish the next year on $2,000,000 (compared to $160,000 the previous year). 

“What I really learnt with The Entourage is not only how to think bigger, but how to act bigger as well.”

Lena has credited The Entourage's business coaching and training for not only showing her new paths to create success, but also for keeping her accountable throughout her journey. She has leaned into the vision partners and wider community of entrepreneurs for support and has found a tribe of people who also view their work as their passion.

With plans to expand her Orange-based business and take it Australia-wide and to the United States, Bubbles and Brushes has no plans of slowing down.

Lena's team has grown enormously which has enabled her to step up as a leader. She no longer feels burnt-out, but she does feel empowered and supported on her business growth journey.


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