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From 6 to 7-Figures In Under 12 Months




Hour Work Weeks


Revenue Months Achieved

Full-Time Employees Hired


The Traveller Series Is Founded

In 2019, on a summer day, Tiffany made a pair of earrings from salvaged parts of broken earrings. At the time, she aspired to be a product photographer and wanted to expand her portfolio. After photographing them she listed them for sale and someone bought them right away. The cycle kept repeating and well, The Traveller Series was born.

Joined Accelerate

After working 80 hour weeks and considering giving up on her business, Tiffany decided to join The Entourage’s Accelerate program - our exclusive program for business owners who want to scale beyond 6-figures of revenue.

From Side-Hobby To 7-Figure Business

Since joining Accelerate, Tiffany has the structure she has always needed to grow her business. Her team is growing, the business is more profitable and most importantly, she has a better work life balance. 

From Start-up To Stressed

Tiffany Teoh started her eCommerce jewellery business The Traveller Series in 2019 after making a pair of earrings from salvaged parts, which she quickly sold. Shortly after starting the business, she found herself working 70 to 80 hour weeks and was constantly tired. Despite her long hours and efforts, she was not seeing the growth or profit and had no personal life. The business was doing $300,000 in revenue but wasn’t profitable and was in ‘survival mode’. It got to the point where Tiffany wanted to give up her business after constantly thinking “I can do this” and then “No I can’t” for 5 months. 

After realising she needed some training and support to help her systemise and scale the business, Tiffany had a discovery call with The Entourage and decided to join our Accelerate program - our exclusive program for business owners who want to scale beyond 6-figures of revenue. 

Before I joined The Entourage I was working 70 to 80 hour weeks…I was constantly tired...turns out all I needed was the right structure to be able to scale my business and The Entourage has helped me find that structure.

Leaning In To The Community

Tiffany leaned into the coaching, resources and community at The Entourage and began working hard to systemise the business and its operations. With her business coach keeping her accountable, she was able to create a scalable structure for her business and has learnt how to manage cash flow and financial reports, which has helped expand her marketing and staff budgets. 

From Start-up To Scale-up

Within 3 months of joining The Accelerate Program, Tiffany went from $20,000 revenue months to consistent $100,000 revenue months. This meant she was able to go from 6 to 7-figures of annual revenue in under 12 months. She is now working 20 to 30 hours a week, but by choice. Tiffany now has work-life balance and is not afraid to grow her team and has already hired two full-time employees and has rotating casuals as well. 

I am no longer feeling like the business will collapse without me.

With structures and frameworks in place, Tiffany has become a better leader and feels calmer, organised and strategic. She is now confident to take the business to new heights. She has big goals over the next 12 months, including moving out of her home office, getting a warehouse and growing her team even further. 

I feel very confident that I could go on my holidays, on trips, and my business will still continue on.


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