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21 rules to live by in 2021 for an extraordinary life with Jack Delosa

35 minutes

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Sarah Liu — How diversity and inclusion can grow your business

How to live an extraordinary 2021

Happiness is found in creating an extraordinary life. There is no secret formula for success, and no one way to find happiness. It is different for everyone, and totally up to you. But creating an extraordinary life starts with developing a clear vision for your life, and goal-setting against a clear vision will accelerate your growth significantly.

We've invited someone back to help you achieve exactly this.

Our Founder and fearless leader at The Entourage, Jack Delosa, is back for this episode of The Make It Happen Show, and he's brought along his 21 rules to live by in 2021. Regardless of what you're going to focus on this year - whether it's your business and career, health, personal or spiritual development or more - you can't miss this episode. Check it out, and don't forget to leave us a review with your favourite rule. Here's to you, and to an amazing 2021.

Jack Delosa, Founder of The Entourage returns to The Make It Happen Show

"If you are feeling whole, if you are feeling nourished, if you are feeling determined, you will take on insurmountable challenges and win."

— Jack Delosa

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 2:07 - Rule 21 - Live from your imagination, not your history.
  • 3:06 - Rule 20 - Take time to architect and design your life.
  • 4:23 - Rule 19 - Build the right habits for the year in the first 90 days.
  • 6:17 - Rule 18 - Narrow your focus.
  • 7:17 - Rule 17 - Understand resilience fatigue.
  • 9:58 - Rule 16 - Build your resilience muscle.
  • 11:13 - Rule 15 - "Treat triumph and disaster for the two imposters that they are." — Rudyard Kipling
  • 12:14 - Rule 14 - Practice making hard decisions.
  • 13:23 - Rule 13 - The journey to greatness starts the moment challenge and contribution become more important than comfort and ease.
  • 15:05 - Rule 12 - Value money even if it's not your driver.
  • 16:46 - Rule 11 - Plan the north stars and stay flexible in your approach.
  • 18:38 - Rule 10 - Don't listen to ALL the advice you hear.
  • 20:30 - Rule 9 - Find a meditation practice that works for you.
  • 20:37 - Rule 8 - Schedule rest.
  • 22:07 - Rule 7 - Develop an exercise and nutrition routine.
  • 22:57 - Rule 6 - Ask yourself, "How can I make it fun?"
  • 24:42 - Rule 5 - What is now possible?
  • 24:42 - Rule 4 - Invest in you.
  • 27:13 - Rule 3 - Lean into challenge and take time to reflect during and after challenge.
  • 28:25 - Rule 2 - Live at cause.
  • 31:43 - Rule 1 - Do more of what lights your soul on fire.




Great insight for business owners and super practical takeaways!

Bruce Casanovic

Amazing guests, great insights into their journey and what has helped make their businesses successful. Great to hear how some of the guests have navigated challenge as well. Loads of good practice takeaways.

Perfect for the Monday commute


Great to listen to on the commute to work on Monday mornings. Great content, well delivered and plenty of insights from industry leaders in a variety of fields. Good to see the entourage getting out there with a podcast series

Top-shelf guests. Top-shelf conversations.


This is so awesome, so helpful, and so fresh. Right from the get-go, the team at The Entourage have brought out the big names in the Aussie entrepreneur and business space to have conversations that every business owner should listen to. I can't wait to see who they bring on next.

Amazing guests


Loved the episode with Tim Fung, Airtasker CEO! You guys are getting some awesome guests in! Thank you!

Entourage on point again!

Adz Rodger

Great content again from The Entourage! Particularly like the 1st episode and the points Tim Fung made about making sure you make time to map out the future and don't get stuck on day to day 'work', as well as the observation that you really need to be strategic about your people management and not just try to save money. Two awesome take homes I have already taken action on!

For entrepreneurs and non-trepeneurs alike


Well this was one of the best things I’ve heard in a while. I’m by no means the target demographic, having zero business or entrepreneurial experience at all. Luckily the advice given for business growth and success is remarkably applicable to personal growth and success. Loved the conversational style, by the end of the podcast I felt like I knew both Tims personally, which is a great mark of engagement. And I loved hearing about the humble beginnings of Airtasker from the founder himself. Give this a listen if you’re craving a bit of personal or professional inspiration.


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