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Exclusively For 7 & 8-Figure Business Owners

Build your identity as a wealth creator
Rewire your relationship with money and success
Elevate every area of your life


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Welcome to The Elevated Entrepreneur Experience

For 2 full days, a group of 7 and 8-figure founders will be taken on a guided journey to build an identity that brings two worlds together: the world of business, entrepreneurship and wealth creation, with the world of consciousness, personal development and human potential

This is an immersive, full-spectrum experience that fuses eastern philosophies with western frameworks. From the latest technologies in personal development, to cutting-edge research in neuroscience, a deep understanding of consciousness and meditation, guided visualisation exercises, and the exact business and leadership strategies that catapult entrepreneurs to 7 and 8-figures, you’ll be empowered to achieve meaningful, long-lasting success and happiness in absolutely every area of your life. 

Guided by 5X AFR Young Rich Lister, high profile entrepreneur and investor, and founder of The Entourage, Jack Delosa, you’ll not only gain a deep understanding of how the world’s top performers achieve massive and consistent success, but also build a plan that pulls you towards the highest vision you hold for your business, your loved ones, and your life.


Happiness and success in every area of your life will not happen by accident. You can create a life that is fulfilling in every sense of the word. At The Elevated Entrepreneur Experience, you, along with a group of other 7 and 8-figure founders, will gain your biggest advantage. This is how.

Immerse yourself in The Elevated Entrepreneur Blueprint

How do the world’s top performers achieve massive and consistent success in their fields? They understand that a win in any area of their life is a win in every area of their life. The Elevated Entrepreneur Blueprint defines these core areas, and how to bring meaningful and long-lasting success into each of them.

Identify and break through your limiting beliefs

Your beliefs can limit what you achieve in business and life, or they can be the rocket fuel that catapults you to success. But you will never act outside of your beliefs. Over 2 days, you’ll systematically identify and remove the value-conflicts and roadblocks that are keeping you stuck and playing small in life and business.

Learn the strategies that catapult entrepreneurs to 8 figures

A business can never outpace the growth of its leader. So if you want a business that scales sustainably, you need to learn to play a bigger game and elevate to the next level. Jack will share the proven frameworks and fundamental principles that The Entourage has used to move thousands of businesses from 6 and 7 to 8 figures.

Engage in consciousness principles to live a live of true fulfillment

Bringing learnings from years of personal development and reflection, and lessons in consciousness imported from and passed down by the Great Masters of India, Jack will guide you on a journey of self-discovery so you can start to consciously create a fulfilling life, in every sense of the word, from the inside out.

Gain the self-identity of a successful and abundant wealth creator

First and foremost, wealth creation is an inner game. If you want financial abundance, to grow your business to 8-figures and beyond, you need to see yourself as someone who is worthy of it. And unless you place energy, value and focus on finance, your wealth and your own financial well-being, it won’t happen for you.

Architect a clear and vivid vision for your and your business' future

Throughout Day 2 of the experience, you’ll apply The Elevated Entrepreneur Behavioural System to ensure that your thoughts, words, actions and habits are all congruent with what you want to achieve in your life moving forward. This isn’t the end - it’s only the beginning.



  • Established business owners doing 7 and 8-figures in annualised revenue who are ready to elevate themselves and their business to the next level


  • People who are not business owners (even if you want to start your own business)
  • Business owners doing less than 6-figures in annualised revenue
  • Marketing and sales managers, any other person who works in a business



From the time he was born, Jack has had an obsession with human potential.

He is a 5X AFR Young Rich Lister, 2X best-selling author and the founder of Australia’s largest training and coaching provider for entrepreneurs, The Entourage, which has a community of 500,000 members. Since 2010, The Entourage has helped their members add over $2 billion in value to their businesses. Under his leadership, The Entourage has been awarded the 4th Best Place to Work in Australia, and the Top 50 in Australasia, by Best Places To Work.

Prior to The Entourage, Jack was the co-founder and CEO of MBE Group, a company that assisted SME’s in raising money from investors. MBE Group became one of Australia’s fastest growing companies and enabled their clients to raise over $300 million in capital.

Along the way, Jack became a high-profiled investor, investing into companies such as QBioticis, eMerchants and founding The Entourage Growth Fund.

Jack has personally trained, mentored and presented live to over 245,000 entrepreneurs and companies including ASX200 companies, SME’s, federal and state governments, athletes, NRL and AFL clubs, celebrities, and some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs.

He was brought up in the classroom of life, having learnt from some of the world’s most renowned psychologists and neuroscientists, to high performance experts in America, studying vedic philosophy, yoga and meditation in the hills of Bali, and absorbing wisdom in the mountains of India at the feet of Great Masters for months at a time. Jack’s lifelong research has been integrating consciousness principles with ‘real-world’ business success, to achieve high performance and fulfilment.

It is this grounding in personal development and psychology, that Jack attributes his business success. This is the first time Jack will be sharing publicly his strategies for maximising human potential that blend together psychology, personal development, consciousness, and high performance.


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