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Achieved her annual sales target in 6 months



months to achieve their annual revenue target

team members from 1 in 12 months


Project secured off the back of new sales approach


Joined The Entourage

Karen began to understand the structural changes she needed to make in order to enable business growth

Made Significant Changes to Sales and Marketing

Changes to Jumpleads Sales and Marketing strategy results in a significant increase in clients and projects

Achieved 12 Month Sales Target in 6 Months

Despite the turbulence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Karen was able to lean into the challenge and with her team achieved their 12 month sales target in only 6.

Laying The Foundations

Prior to joining The Entourage Karen Corr’s time was spread thin across several businesses that she was either running herself, or heavily involved in. Although her desire was to continue to grow the businesses and move them closer towards her ultimate vision, she could see that the foundations weren’t there. As a result of this, the business growth was capped and she began to wonder whether she even had a viable business.

I saw that there was a gap. I wanted to be able to grow the businesses and get a bit more of a grounding and foundation on how to do it properly. 

Upon joining The Entourage's Accelerate program in 2018 Karen quickly realised how much more there was to learn about business. In her first year with us Karen was quick to re-look at the way her business, Jumpleads, was structured. She now knew the optimal ways in which to lay the foundations for a scalable business.

Small Changes, Big Results

In Karen’s second year with The Entourage she made significant changes to her sales and marketing strategy after immersing herself in The Entourage workshops. With her new-found insights Jumpleads underwent significant changes to their branding and messaging, which resulted in more clients coming through the door. After implementing a sales technique advised by one of The Entourage vision partners Karen was able to acquire 8 new partners and secure a $40,000 new project straight off the bat. It was not only the larger structural changes that were moving the needle, but also the smaller, easier-to-implement changes that were having a great impact.

Forced Changes As A Result Of COVID-19

When the COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions were put in place, Karen, like many other business owners, worried about the impact this would have on her companies. In response to the challenges presented by the lockdown, Karen leaned into the crisis management webinars presented by The Entourage and the support of the community. She worked with her coach to quickly pivot the face-to-face facet of her business to digital and ended up achieving her 12 month sales target in just 6 months. The changes made during this period had such a positive effect on her business that it permanently altered the way she delivers her service and reaches new clientele.

With the support of The Entourage we were able to turn it around and within that first 6 months after COVID we achieved our annual target within 6 months.

Looking To The Future

Onto her third year with The Entourage, Karen's confidence in her business is well and truly back. There are no longer any doubts in her mind that Jumpleads is a viable business with endless opportunities to keep moving along the same growth trajectory. She continues to lean into the support of her coach, The Entourage vision partners and our community of over 500 business owners to find solutions around any business questions that arise. With the structures in place, Karen is able to spend more of her time planning the future of her businesses. 


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