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Gain complete financial clarity for your business

In business, your finances are the scorecard.

Even if you’re not in business primarily to make money, and your business is about pushing your cause or spreading your message, finance will underpin your success.

The most dangerous thing you can do as a business owner is coast month-to-month without a true picture of how your business is performing financially. Our FREE Financial Clarity Scorecard will help you understand the financial performance of your business today, gain foresight about the financial state of your business tomorrow, and enrol you in your numbers so you can make good decisions.

Yes, I want to take the free Financial Clarity Check

Answer 14 quick-fire questions in our free Financial Clarity Check to:

  • Determine your business' current financial position
  • Give you the confidence in the current and future financial performance of your business
  • Understand how to gauge the financial health of your business, and actually improve it
  • Discover how you can use this information to make growth decisions
  • Unlock the keys to accurately tracking the numbers in your business
  • Increase your strategic financial thinking to fuel your business’ exponential growth

Yes, I want to take the free Financial Clarity Check

How the Financial Clarity Check works

Our Financial Clarity Check has been designed and developed to quickly and painlessly produce a financial score based on the answers you provide, with tailored feedback on how you can improve based on your business' financial strengths and weaknesses. You'll be scored against the following 4 areas:

Cash Flow

A financially strong business has a healthy cash flow.


A key measurement of how successful your business will be over the long term.


Are you making the most out of your systems and processes?

Financial Knowledge

How well do you understand what your numbers are telling you?

Yes, I want to take the free Financial Clarity Check

Their journeys all started with a Financial Clarity Scorecard

"John and the team communicate in a way that is so easy to understand and gives me clear steps to action. I feel so much more confident with their support and guidance, and I feel that they genuinely care about our business. If we had kept going the way we were, our business might not have survived."

The Berry Tea Shop

"John and his team have lifted our transparency, predictability and forecast for revenue. We have closed the gap on profitability completely and navigated some serious terrain. His guidance, partnership and coaching has exponentially improved our bottom line."

Sarah Harkness
Cattle Dog Digital

"As an e-com business I struggled to find bookkeepers & accountants with experiences in e-com and these guys proved I made the right decision. I have a team that is not just monitoring my finances but aiding me in succeeding. I have more funds to invest and pay myself 1.5-2x more than I was."

The Traveller Series

Yes, I want to take the free Financial Clarity Check