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Your AI-Powered 8-Figure Growth Session Awaits

Exclusively for 6, 7 and 8-figure business owners. In your session, you will:

  • Define the core growth strategies that will enable you to increase profit without working harder
  • Develop your personalised plan for how to go from technician to entrepreneur
  • Unlock your next stage of your growth by understanding how the world's best companies scaled from where you are now
  • Gain one-on-one expert guidance and start to develop your tailored 12 Month Roadmap
  • Identify your best next steps to ensure you have crystal clear clarity on how to keep progressing from here





  • 17 & 8-figure business owners whose growth has plateaued, and are looking to elevate their business beyond their existing capabilities.
  • 26-figure founders who who aren’t growing at the pace they need and want to accelerate profitably to 7-figures.
  • 3Coachable business owners who are looking for expert guidance and support along their entrepreneurial journey.


  • 1People who are not yet business owners (if you are at the start of your entrepreneurial journey, we have other resources to help you!).
  • 2Business owners doing less than 6-figures in annualised revenue (if you do need help, check out our Short Courses).
  • 3Marketing and sales managers, or any other person who works in a business and is not the core decision maker.


First Fold Logos Part 2 - BW4


Elevate Landing Page - 7th - JB2

From $1.5M To $20M

"My business was looking shiny on the outside, but it was chaotic on the inside. I was working crazy hours, it wasn't sustainable, and I didn't have the systems in place to grow. Since joining Elevate, we’ve profitably scaled our revenue from $1.5 million to $20 million. We had 10 people working in the business, we now have over 100 people employed and it’s allowed us to elevate out of the day to day."


Elevate Landing Page - 7th - KP

6Xed Profitability In Just 6 Months

"We increased our profit from $100,000 to $600,000 in 6 months, and I doubled my team from 11 to 22 people to free up my time. The Entourage gave me the tools I needed to reinvent myself and be the person I needed to be to elevate the company to new levels. We’re now playing a bigger game, and the business is bigger than ever. I’m happier, I feel more free, and I have less stress."


Elevate Landing Page - 7th - OVL

From $150K Per Month To $700K Per Month

"We were spending so much time on the tools that we never thought about how we'd actually build our business. We were working 16 hour days, and just thought that to earn more money we had to keep working harder. The Entourage changed that. Our roles are now clearly defined, we only spend 6 hours on the business each day. Within a few months, our monthly revenue increased from $150,000 to be consistently between $650,000 and $700,000. We're working less now and making more profit."

STEVE GATTER & SIMON WELLARD | Outdoor Vision Landscaping

Elevate Landing Page - 7th - FQ

From $1M Per Year To $1M Per Month

"Before I came across The Entourage, I was playing it safe and small. I was afraid of success, and wasn't ready to leap into what the business really could be. In the six months prior to joining Elevate, I did $250,000 in revenue. In the six months after, I did $2,500,000. I've grown my team from 3 to 15 people, put systems and processes in place which mean that I'm not getting involved in the things that don't require me. I've stepped away from the day-to-day and now spend my time doing what I love best."

FRANCES QUINN | Athena Consulting

Elevate Landing Page - 7th - Turners

10Xed Their Revenue In 18 Months

"We'd been having a terrible time in business before we came across The Entourage. We had no idea what we were doing, and were terrified of growing the business. As husband and wife, this was severely impacting our marriage. Since then, we've been able to 10X our monthly revenue in just 18 months. Our team has grown from 4 to 14 people, which has given us our time back. The business now operates and our clients are getting helped when we're not there."

ROBBIE & TAMARA TURNER | Axon Property Group

Elevate Landing Page - 7th - SK

Increased From $1M To $16M In Revenue

"I'd been having a really challenging time in business, but The Entourage gave me a very clear plan and roadmap for how to grow my business. Within a few years, we had grown from $1 million in revenue all the way to $16 million. I also grew my team from 15 people to 100. We've since been named Australia's fastest-growing real estate company, and now I have the answers I need to provide the right opportunities to my team."

SUNIL KUMAR | Reliance Real Estate