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Harness The Power Of Artificial intelligence To Automate Your Growth And Scale To 7-Figures And Beyond In FY25.


Entrepreneurs are great at creating something out of nothing. In the early years of a business, you thrive because what drives growth comes very naturally to you. However, you get to a point where something changes. The growth has plateaued. You’re doing absolutely everything but not progressing at the rate you want. You're working harder, doing more, and ultimately earning less. One thing is clear: what got you to where you are is not going to get you to where you need to be.

Well done on getting here, most never do. And at The Entourage's next boardroom event in the Mid North Coast, Andrew Morello and Veronica Lind will guide you to scale your business to new heights. On the other side of this journey, you'll find yourself working less, achieving more, and making exponentially greater profits. 

Spots are EXTREMELY LIMITED due to capacity. Register to claim your spot in the room.



Increase profitability in FY25
Make more money while doing less
Get ready to take your best next step



Learn The Exact Strategies That Will Catapult You To 7-Figures And Beyond

Unlock your next stage of growth by understanding how the world's best entrepreneurs scaled their companies from where you are now. It's about preserving the entrepreneurial dynamism that has brought you this far, while underpinning it with the fundamentals necessary to build a self-managing company.


Master What It Takes To Drive Immediate Growth Without Your Direct Involvement

Define the core growth strategies that will enable you to accelerate the growth of your business in a way that increases profit without working harder. These are powerful strategies that are going to enable you to increase your conversions, shorten your sales cycle, and scale profitably - without your direct involvement.


Develop A High-Performance Company DNA & Team Culture

Install a high-performance culture in your business from one of our ver own leaders at The Entourage, ranked in the top 5 places to work in Australia. You'll transition from technician to leader and dilute yourself from the day-to-day operations of the business so that you can focus on your highest and best use.



  • You're an established business owner doing 6 or 7-figures in annualised revenue who is ready to elevate themselves and their business to the next level
  • Your business is too reliant on you. You don't have the team in place to give you the freedom to do the things you like to.
  • You don't have enough leverage in how you're currently operating. It's time for you to create a business that can scale with less of your personal exertion.


  • 1You're not a business owner (even if you want to start your own business), or you are a business owner doing less than 6-figures in annualised revenue
  • 2You're not coachable. You don't seek direction, coaching and accountability from people with "been-there-done-that" experience.
  • 3You want someone else to build your business for you. You don't want to take responsibility for your business' growth.




Andrew Morello is an awarded entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and the winner of the first Australian Apprentice.

Prior to joining The Entourage, Andrew spent 10 years alongside Mark Bouris AM building out the Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management branch network nationally.

Morello is an active member of Australia’s entrepreneurial and real estate communities, an engaging and charismatic speaker, and passionate about sharing his successes with other entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to help them reach their full potential and not waste their precious life.



As the CEO of the award-winning, multi-dimensional communications and medium Brilliant-Online magazine, Veronica Lind has always had the dream to make Harry Potter's Daily Prophet Newspaper a reality. 

By bringing her decades of experience in technology, sales and business development and her unique trademarked Modern Marketing Framework ™️, she has made magic a reality through her marketing agency, Vermilion Pinstripes. 

Pushing for a Better World in a Digital Era is her mission, and AI has been a key partner in its development. 


Don't Just Take Our Word For It; Hear The Real-World Results From Real-World Business Owners

1 - Jye Bohm

From $1.5M to $20M in Revenue

"My business looked shiny on the outside, but chaotic on the inside. I was working crazy hours, and it wasn’t sustainable. Since working with The Entourage, we’ve profitably scaled our revenue from $1.5M to $20M. We had 10 people working in the business, we now have over 100."

10 - John Dyer

Increased Revenue By $1 Million

"My business was ticking along ok. We were growing, but it was slow and we weren’t being strategic. I was on autopilot, but The Entourage flicked the switch. I’ve learnt how to bottle magic, and scale my business. We’ve increased our revenue by an extra $1M, and doubled the team."

3 - Robbie-Tamara

10'x Revenue in Just 18 Months

"We had been having a terrible time in business before we came across The Entourage. We had no idea what we were doing and we were terrified of growing the business. Since learning and adopting strategies The Entourage taught us, we’ve 10Xed our monthly revenue in just 18 months.”

5 - Frances Quinn

10'x in Six Months

"Before I came across The Entourage, I was playing it safe and small. In the six months prior to Elevate I did $250,000 in revenue, in the six months after I did $2.5Min revenue. I’ve grown my team from 3 to 15 people, and put systems and processes in place which mean that I’m not getting involved in things that don’t require me."

6 - Peter Hull

$50,000 to Global Franchise

"As a PT, I knew how to get results for people but I didn't know how for my business. I started with 30 members in 1 location and was turning over $50k. Since working with The Entourage, we’ve grown into a global fitness company and franchise network with 52 locations, and $30M in revenue."

4 - Robbie-Tamara

From $1M to $16M in Revenue

"I had a very challenging time in the beginning, and there was no one I could turn to. The concepts The Entourage taught gave me a very clear plan and roadmap for how to grow my business. Within a few years, we'd grown from $1M in revenue all the way to $16M, and a team of 15 people to 100.”

8 - Kate Prior

Increased Profit, Doubled Team

"We increased our profit from $100k to $600k in 6 months, and I doubled my team from 11 to 22 people to free up my time. The Entourage gave me the tools I needed to be the person I needed to be to elevate the company. We’re playing a bigger game. I feel more free, and have less stress.”

7 - Adam Monteith-1

10'x From One to Two Locations in A Year

"I’m trained as a physiotherapist, but I didn’t know anything about business - until The Entourage. They gave me the frameworks to sustainably grow my business, and open a 2nd location within a year. Within 9 months I’d passed $1M, and I’m now hitting numbers I never thought were achievable.”

9 - Steve and Simon

Working Less, Making More

"When we started our business, we were working 16-hour days. The Entourage changed that. We’ve set up processes so we’re only working 6 hours a day. Previously, we were turning over $150k monthly. Within a few months, it was consistently between $650k-$700k."