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Live Digital Webinar: On Target - How to Achieve Scalable Sales Success

Webinar Details: Tuesday 23rd May, 10.00AM-11:00AM (AEST)

Scaling your business's sales function can be challenging but not impossible.

Join our webinar to discover effective strategies for creating an internal sales machine that doesn't depend solely on you as the owner.

Building a successful sales team goes beyond just hiring someone;

it involves establishing processes that drive growth for yourself and your business.

 This webinar will be run by Chris Goffett - Who is in charge of our Sales Optimisation Program at The Entourage Growth Services and Silvina Labanca who runs our People Optimisation Program at The Entourage Growth Services.

In this webinar, we will share with you:

  • Discover how to leverage a sales process to create consistency.

  • Best practice to help you intentionally drive sales from existing and past clients.
  • Key steps to take when building your sales team for success.