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Live Digital Webinar: Get Recruitment Ready - Going Beyond The Job Ad

Webinar Details: Wednesday 23rd August, 10.00AM-11:00AM (AEST)


From the many conversation I have had with business owners, recruiting your A-team can cause a large amount of frustration, stress and sometimes after all that, end in failure.

So I decided it is time to share the art of crafting an effective recruitment process that goes beyond the frustration and failure sometimes associated with the standard approach.  It’s time to get “Recruitment Ready”.

In this engaging session, we will dive deep into why your Recruitment Process may not be working, and uncover the strategies you need to implement when expanding your team.

This webinar will be run by Silvina Labanca current Talent Solutions Advisor at The Entourage Growth Services. 



In this webinar, we will share with you:

  • Build the foundation for securing top talent.

  • Enhance your businesses reputation and opportunity for recruitment success.
  • Build your A-Team with confidence by, avoiding the pitfalls of prolonged searches or mismatched hire.