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Live Digital Webinar: How To Win The Race For Talent - 3 Strategies To Come Out On Top In A Challenging Labour Market

Webinar Details: Tuesday 18th April, 10.00AM-11:00AM (AEST)

Building your A-team in 2023 can be tough,  but it is not impossible. 

In this webinar we will unpack 3 powerful strategies you can utilise to successfully beat the competition and successfully grow your team in 2023. 

Remember building your team is about more than just finding someone to do a job. 

It is about bringing in the talent that will help yourself and your business to grow.  

In this webinar, we will share with you:

  • Discover how to leverage Linkedin to build your personal and business presence to proactively attract the talent you want to your business.

  • Best practice to help you drive success when working with external recruiters.
  • The power of remote workers to fill local labour pool shortages.