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The Jack Delosa Podcast

40 minutes

Preston Smiles — How You Can Find Freedom

The Jack Delosa Podcast

Since 2015, Jack Delosa, entrepreneur, investor, and 5x best-selling author has been giving business owners everywhere access to the most successful people from around the world, sharing their secrets on everything surrounding business, entrepreneurship and elite mindset through The Jack Delosa Podcast.

Listed as the #1 most listened to business podcast on iTunes within its first 12 hours of being released, it has since featured the likes of Steve Wozniak (Apple), Gerard Adams (Elite Daily), Gary Vaynerchuk (VaynerMedia), Janine Allis (Boost Juice), and many others.

In 2022, Jack continues his venture in collaborating with the world's leading entrepreneurs and thought leaders, now available on Elevate with Jack Delosa, a renewal of his global mission to help you learn how you can live a life that lights you up so that you too, can illuminate the world

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"It takes courage to begin something, but it can take even more to end it."

— Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo’s Counter-intuitive Approach to Winning and Retaining More Customers

The advice Jack shares on this episode might go against everything you’ve been taught about business. As entrepreneurs, we're hardwired for growth. It's seemingly in our DNA to want to achieve 'more' and settling for 'good enough' just isn't in our vocabulary. In fact, the questions Jack gets asked by business owners the most are: How do I get more clients? How do I make new sales? How do I increase profit? How do I get more time?

Surprisingly, the answer to growing your business, is actually getting comfortable with turning customers away (yes, you’re reading that correctly). It might sound crazy, but the reality is, by trying to speak to and sell to everybody you often end up speaking to nobody. Instead, in order to win more customers you need to get laser-focused on your ideal customer, and master the art of speaking directly to them.

One of the people who has pioneered this approach is Marie Forleo (Founder of B-School), who Jack had the opportunity to interview on the podcast where she shares her counterintuitive take on acquiring, and equally importantly, retaining her customers.


"Greatness is the result of visionaries who persevere, focus, believe, and prepare. It is a habit, not a birthright."

— Lewis Howes

The Formula for Achieving Greatness with Lewis Howes

A few years ago, Jack chatted to Lewis Howes in what became an incredible interview and the beginning of a friendship. Lewis is a New York Times Bestselling author, lifestyle entrepreneur, high performance business coach and keynote speaker, and over his whole life, he has broken boundaries, constantly transforming himself into new fields and new ways of being.

They covered A LOT of ground in this episode, so tune in to hear them dig into:

  • The ‘formula for greatness' - the key traits that enable people to reach superhuman levels of success
  • The brand strategy that enabled The Rock to become the HIGHEST paid actor in Hollywood
  • Tactics and strategies to help you build and monetise your audience on Instagram
  • The importance of purpose (and the risk of not having one)




Jack Delosa’s Podcasts


Reading Jack’s books, watching Jack on stage and his podcasts have shaped my life. Everything that Jack discusses is so focused on today’s issues/challenge and I feel Jack has the ability to reach a place inside of listeners that craves change and ignites that spark or flame to want to grow personally and as an Entrepreneur. So proud and grateful to have met Jack over the years and have him influence my journey.

Inspiring & informative

Andre & Claire

So great to listen to in-depth interviews and pearls of wisdom from Jack and the high quality entrepreneurs on the show. A must listen for anyone in business, no matter what your stage.


Amazing, insightful, inspiring!

Jack Delosa is an incredible young entrepreneur and business owner. His wisdom and insights are well beyond his years. His passion shines through, and his ability to interview and learn from others is second to none.

Articulate, meaningful, refreshing - worth a listen


Jack’s articulate manner and pleasant voice make this podcast easy to listen to. It is obvious that jack has a deeper meaning / purpose driven approach to business - rather than just about making money, which is refreshing on a business podcast. Some swearing which gives some colour to the content. Jack Interviews amazing entrepreneurs and answers questions by other business owners and start ups. I like jacks depth that comes through in some episodes more than others. Definitely his mindset advice and search for meaning and “why” in business is where I find brilliance in this podcast but he also covers nuts and bolts of online marketing and commerce. Jack is an impressive speaker and this podcast inspires me and sets me up for a great mood. Jack has developed some great content here, definitely worth a listen.


Sunmax BIO Australia - Kevin W

Simple listening, the information is NOT ego driven, rather spoken in a laymans style. Showing that ANY one CAN achieve a dream.Simple, NO B/S . Enjoyable listening

Honest, Truthful & Speaks from the heart.


Jack is a very honest and truthful person, who genuinely wants to improve & guide people who want more out of life, business, personal awareness and growth. Jack & his team have helped more people & companies break though to the next level. This comes from personal experience and highly recommend this podcast & The Entourage to anyone who wants more out of life and business. Break though the barriers.R egards David

The magic of podcasts whilst living life!


Loving the high vibrational content of relatable topics Jack that are not only digestible, they can be implemented straight away! As an entrepreneur momma it’s vital to multi-task and listening to your podcasts adds to the secret sauce that’s been created in the kitchen, and if course a great vino. Love it and great to see the podcasts back and ready to absorb the wisdom as the content is unleashed with potently delish substance. Cheers, Zoe Bell

Unique business teachings, done with heart


Thank you Jack D,Your podcasts and The Entourage team are changing the way I think about my business, now my brain is hearing more of what my heart is saying...It does my soul good, to know there are people who still care about others. You're rewriting the business script, you have such a refreshing and heartfelt approach to business and I'm loving that. Thank you Jack and for The Entourage.


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