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There is a huge amount of substance contained within the pages of Elevate, but even so, our greatest challenge when putting this book together was not deciding what to include, but choosing what to leave out. 

As such, we've collated a number of bonus resources to help you apply the strategies and principles into your own business. 

We don't want you to be an armchair reader. We want you to put the lessons you've learnt in Elevate to work, and reshape your business so it can grow beyond you.

The most effective way to do that will be to click on the tab above that says Resources, download the bonus content, and refer to them as you read. 

Jack Delosa
Founder of The Entourage

Jack Delosa builds businesses. He is an entrepreneur, investor, and media personality, and the founder and chairman of Australia’s largest business coaching provider, The Entourage, which has helped their members generate over $2 billion in revenue and has a global community of over 800,000 business owners. Prior to The Entourage, Jack co-founded MBE Group, which helped small to medium sized businesses raise over $300 million from investors. The business would go on to become one of Australia's fastest-growing companies. In recognition of being one of Australia's top entrepreneurs and investors, Jack has been listed in the Australian Financial Review "Young Rich List" five times.


Marketing Strategy Template
The Entourage Selling Essentials Playbook
Sales Activity Summary Sheet
The System For Writing Systems
Objectives & Key Results (OKR) Template
Three-Way Forecasting Template
Job Advertisement Checklist
Job Advertisement Template
Position Description - Founder
Position Description - General Manager
Position Description - Director of Business Development
Position Description - Product Manager
Position Description - Operations Manager
Business Growth Profile