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When was the last time you crunched the numbers on your business operations?

Do you know where you’re losing cash and where you’re missing out on quick wins?

Want to manage your time better?


We’re excited to share with you some of the latest tools, systems and strategies you can use to make better strategic decisions and better manage your business.icon

icon Join us at this exclusive workshop and discover:

1. Where to look inside your business to find the data that matters and know what you need to do with it

2. How to use metrics to make better strategic decisions

3. How to find out where you and your team are wasting time and where you can be more productive

Using data to visualise and manage your sales and expenditure

Without a doubt the biggest determining factor of a business’ health is cash flow and its ability to generate sales. One of the biggest challenges for business owners is understanding and keeping tabs on the numbers. It’s not only difficult to identify problems before they present themselves, it’s even harder to find the correlations between different stats from a multitude of reports and systems that don’t talk to each other.

This session will help you understand the stats that matter, and the tools you can use to better understand and visualise your data to find opportunities for sales growth, expenditure management and marketing optimisation.

Time management - Tools and systems to maximise your productivity

The one thing that money can’t buy. Not having enough time is one of the biggest pain points for entrepreneurs. We set our daily and weekly goals with the best intentions of reaching them, but so often we get stuck in the day to day that time just slips away. We’ve found a number of solutions that you can implement to actually find out where your inefficiencies lie in order to fix them.

This session will give you tools and systems to help you better manage your time and your team’s productivity. The world has moved far beyond the humble to-do list, learn how you can utilise technology to know where you’re wasting time and effort, and how you can get it back.

Your guides:


Edward Wall

Ed is the head of the Business Advisory team at The Entourage and oversees delivery of the Launch, Build & Scale programs. A finance and management expert, by the age of 24, Ed successfully progressed through the ranks of branch management at one of Australia’s big four banks and was responsible for a multi-billion dollar deposit portfolio, managed 170 sites throughout Victoria and Tasmania, and led teams of over 200 people at any one time.

Petar Lackovic

Head of Training & Development at The Entourage, Petar is one of Australia's leading sales training experts and entrepreneur coaches. For nearly 20 years, has specialised in creating and implementing successful sales processes for businesses, generating over $1 billion in sales and revenue for his clients. Petar is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to be more effective in the space of sales, marketing, leadership and business management.


Live examples of how businesses are implementing these tools and systems to getter better insights into their business

Special guests from our event partners, Microsoft and HubOne

Includes post event networking drinks


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DATE:Thursday 23 June 2016

TIME: Registration 12:30PM - Event 1PM - 5:30PM

WHERE: The Entrepreneur Development Centre, Level 1 609 Harris Street, Ultimo