Julie Stevanja co-founded her online fitness fashion store Stylerunner in 2012 and has since taken the company through incredible growth.

Alumni of The Entourage, Julie’s business Stylerunner has a loyal Instagram following of over 459,000 fans and ships to over 100 companies.

When it comes to making an impression online and converting your raving fans into loyal customers, Julie knows the tricks of the trade. She explains her social strategy as: “your vibe attracts your tribe” which they clearly emanate, with many customers telling her that if Stylerunner was a person, they would want that person as their BFF.

Dying to pick Julie’s brains around how to build up such a strong online community, last week we invited her to do a webinar with us so that we could learn more about the journey of Stylerunner and how to become No.1 online.

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Today, we want to share with you some of the key takeaways. A sneak peek for you into the webinar and the lessons that were learnt!

When it came to launching Stylerunner, Julie went in with complete understanding around the importance of know exactly who your target market is and what your messaging is to them. It’s crucial to be authentic in your messaging as this will be what starts to create raving fans. Make sure the images you use are beautiful, and that your content is engaging, encouraging your audience to join the conversation.

You need to do the research into who your customer is so that you can be as authentic as possible to them.

Look at the different social media accounts that exist within your industry and take note of who the people are following these accounts. What are those people liking, commenting on, posting and who are they following?

Taking note of all of these online habits will allow you to better understand what it is that your customers are after.

As mentioned, Julie strongly believes that “Your vibe attracts your tribe”.  If you want to attract the right people for your business think about your overall ‘vibe.’ It shouldn’t be about just  posting product posts, it’s about asking yourself, ‘What do our audience want to be reading and looking at?’

When you are first starting to establish your business there is much importance in having a lean start-up strategy. Traditionally when starting out, entrepreneurs don’t have deep pockets. To do more with less in the early stages, you need to create a strong attraction model. Attraction model is when your business, product, and service all becomes magnetic.

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It cannot be stressed the importance of finding your product to market fit. Once you have this, everything else starts to follow and your customers begin to actively seek you out. You have to experiment and learn through with trial and error.

Don’t start with too much in the beginning without being able to test it to see if customers will buy it.  From these test, you will start to see who your best sellers are and you will learn what you need more of and less of.

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Julie immediately understood what social proofing could do for Stylerunner. When you build and foster a community who are engaged and who get behind you during competitions, you not only strengthen your existing community, but you start to see your number of fans grow.

Julie uses campaigns to help encourage her community to get involved in conversations. She believes that the simpler you keep a competition the higher engagement that you get.

It’s all well and good to build up a strong online community of raving fans, but the question becomes, how do you convert a raving fan into a paying customer?

Julie approaches this challenge from two different sides. Firstly, product to market fit is once again a crucial player when turning fans into customers. Look for the pattern in what you are promoting and what is selling.

Look at what your popular products are on social media and follow these patterns because it is your customers telling you what they want. Continually refine your product to market fit by watching that correlation between what your fans are commenting on and liking on social media, and what is selling online.

The second is give your fans a reason to buy. Have online shopping nights, specials/deals around your birthday, Easter sales etc. Tie the reasons to buy to something special, but give them those reasons to make the decision and finally purchase the shoes that they like so much.

Listen to the full webinar here

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