As entrepreneurs often what happens when our businesses start bringing in more revenue, is that we look around and find ourselves working harder, working more hours, surrounded by more chaos with more team members to manage.

Yet the one thing there doesn’t seem to be any more of is profitability.

Revenue and output have increased, but profitability has either remained the same or likely even decreased.

At this point, it’s only natural to ask yourself: What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I progress beyond this persistent glass ceiling that’s capping both myself and my business?

The reality is as your revenue grows, as your business grows, you also need to grow as a leader.

Right now, I’ll take a guess and say you’re wearing all the hats – you’re the technician, the manager, and the leader.

And to make it worse you’re probably doing this across almost every function of your business, from marketing, sales and product, right through to people, finance and operations.

Operating at this level of breadth and depth might have been necessary when you first started your business. In fact, it’s probably what got you to where you are now.

However, what got you to where you are, is not going to get you to where you want to be…

The cold, hard truth is that you cannot operate within a million dollar business, the way you would operate within a startup stage business, and expect it to scale.

I recently filmed a video about these specific challenges that 7-figure businesses face, and share strategies you can implement to break the mold of wearing every hat, in every function of your business.

I know this will resonate deeply with anyone who feels they have reached a glass ceiling within their business.