Imagine leaving your job in corporate finance to become a full-time social media content marketing expert and run one of the most-followed food publications in Australia. Sounds far-fetched? Not when you work with us at The Entourage. 

Meet Rita Agoulian, the Chief Eating Officer of LickYourPhone!

LickYourPhone specialises in content and social media marketing for businesses in the hospitality industry. It features places to go and eat that are so good that you’ll literally want to lick your phone.

The business started out as a hobby, but as more of her content went viral and LickYourPhone became a trusted source of recommendation for foodies, Rita quickly amassed an audience of 1.7 million followers across Facebook and Instagram.

The one problem?

Big brands and businesses did not want to pay for the exposure. Rita quickly learnt that a big audience on social media doesn’t always translate into huge earnings. She struggled to close a sale with prospective clients and couldn’t convince them on the value of the service she and the business were offering. 

Then along came The Entourage. 

Since joining The Entourage, Rita has:

Doubled her revenue in a less than 1 year

– Worked with world-renowned brands and high-paying clients to create viral content campaigns for Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Uber Eats and Arnotts (just to name a few)

– Quit her job in corporate finance to turn her side-hustle and hobby into a thriving business

– Built up LickYourPhone to become one of the most in-demand food publications in Australia

“I saw value in what was being offered – which is basically a recipe for success. That’s what The Entourage is.”

Life Before The Entourage

Rita created viral content for LickYourPhone which attracted an average of 102 million views across social media. However, she was struggling to pitch and sell her service to prospective clients. 

She faced rejection after rejection. Brands refused to pay for the service and didn’t see the value in it. 

Rita was stuck doing the hard work all on her own and not seeing the commercial results she needed to keep the business going, let alone take it to the next level. In her own words, she would have failed if she didn’t get the help, support and expertise she truly needed to bring on new and high-paying clients.

“I was just one person, and if I was going to do it on my own, I think I would have failed… Who wants to wake up a failure?”

Life With The Entourage: Come Confused, Leave Enlightened

The Entourage gave Rita a ticket to fast-track the growth of her business.

Unconvention 2018 was the start of Rita’s journey with us (you can actually spot her at the 11-minute mark in Unscripted 27), and since then she’s been an active and stand-out member of our community. 

With the help of our coaches, Vision Partners, and Entourage internal experts including Petar Lackovic, Head of Entrepreneurial Development, Rita focussed on developing the marketing and sales capabilities she needed in her business. 

She took the time and made the effort to connect with other members, and was a burst of energy at all the Workshops she attended. Connecting with other like-minded and like-hearted people on the same journey was the silver bullet for success for Rita – they helped to lift her higher, realise her own vision for LickYourPhone, and instill the confidence in her that she could run a profitable business.

“I don’t even know what my life would have been like if I didn’t join The Entourage.”

The Recipe For Success

Remember how Rita couldn’t close a sale and was struggling to monetise her audience of 1.7 million followers when she joined The Entourage?

In less than one year, Rita doubled her sales and worked with some of Australia and the world’s most recognisable brands, including Coca-Cola, UberEats, McDonald’s and Arnotts. She has more than 2X-ed her revenue – and that is still growing.

With the help of our coaches, Vision Partners, and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, Rita and LickYourPhone continue to go from strength to strength.

Rita also credits The Entourage with helping her to become a better person, not just a better business owner. She’s proactive, more disciplined in her daily routine, and more patient with the people both her personal and professional lives.

Cheers to Rita and the trust she puts in The Entourage! You can follow more of her and LickYourPhone’s journey on Facebook, and these Instagram accounts: Cakes, Cookies, Chocolate, LickYourDessert, and LickYourPhone.

“Knowledge isn’t just power. Knowledge is profit. You will learn that at The Entourage.”

Are You Hungry For Success?

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With an online community of 400,000 and a growing list of alumni and members which peppers the list of Australia’s fastest-growing companies, we know how to make it happen. At The Entourage, we’ve helped transform more than 3500 businesses across over 250 industries, and generated more than $2 billion for Australian businesses.

If you want to follow in the path of Rita and our other successful Members, we’re here to help you on your way. Book in for a free Business Growth Strategy Session with one of our Entrepreneur Development Managers today.